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We want to change the conversation around Type 1 diabetes, and we need a crew of Ambassadors leveraging their networks, their social media platforms and their voice to make that happen.

Becoming a Beyond Type 1 Ambassador is easy! We have a variety of opportunities for you to connect, engage, educate, boost, inspire and support the Type 1 community that will hopefully fit your needs and lifestyle. We hope you’ll join the adventure!

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A big part of spreading awareness is educating others about what Type 1 diabetes is and isn’t. Education is key to dispelling ignorance around the chronic illness and continuing advocacy for those living with it. You can give a presentation to your school or classroom and we’ll ship you materials. Just sign up and we’ll help you get started!Download the poster: “What is Type 1 Diabetes?”
Download the poster: “Warning Signs of Type 1 Diabetes”
Download this “WHAT IS TYPE 1 DIABETES?” fact card
Check out our cool and shareable fact cards HERE!


Help boost our signal by sharing content and stories from our site that you find helpful or inspiring, rock the drop hat to raise awareness and share Beyond Type 1 with your personal and professional network.

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bt1-insta-quote-cross-climb  bt1-quotes-cherished-toth  bt1-strong-jonas-quoteGet inspired this month by sharing the encouragements of others. Check out our new quote board on Pinterest and start spreading the support by leveraging your social media channels. Type 1 diabetes presents daily challenges that T1Ds and those who love them must learn to navigate. Hopefulness and positivity make those dark days a little easier.

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