Roche Offers Free Access to mySugr Pro During COVID-19


Editor’s Note: This article was written in May 2020. While the original offer has expired, all users can still get free access to the mySugr app, while those who use a variety of compatible devices can get free access to mySugr Pro.

Due to the rise of telemedicine during COVID-19, particularly in diabetes care, Roche offers free access to the mySugr Pro app to help people with diabetes. This offer is available until September 30, 2020.

With the mySugr Pro app, users can create and share data such as medication dosages, blood glucose levels and carbohydrate intake with their healthcare team, as well as aggregate data from Accu-Chek blood glucose meters. Also, users can notate their stress levels and obtain an estimated HbA1c with mySugr Pro. This information can be crafted into PDF reports and easily be sent to doctors through the app.

While people with diabetes aren’t more likely to contract coronavirus, they are considered a high-risk group for complications from it. Therefore, maintaining well-managed blood glucose levels is critical and with remote visits, people with diabetes can still receive the care they need without leaving their homes.

“It is more important than ever for people with diabetes to feel supported in their self-management and connected to their healthcare team,” said Matt Jewett, senior vice president and general manager of Roche Diabetes Care, US. “Diabetes is well-suited to virtual care, and our goal is to facilitate highly productive interactions between healthcare providers and patients now and in the future.”

Other features of the mySugr app, which has over 2 million users worldwide, includes setting blood sugar reminders, which is beneficial for users who need to pay closer attention to their management routine. Users can also add photos to their food and beverage entries to learn more about which foods impact their blood glucose levels. The app’s bolus calculator offers precise recommendations for insulin dosages, as well as a smart search function to refer to an event or meal to inform decision-making. Finally, no special equipment is needed to communicate with providers—everything can be done with a smartphone.

To learn more about mySugr Pro and how to get access to the app, click here.

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WRITTEN BY T'ara Smith, MS, Nutrition Education, POSTED 05/05/20, UPDATED 11/22/22

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