Rob Howe Interviews Comedian Dave Maher for “Diabetics Doing Things”


Editor’s Note: This podcast originally appeared on Diabetics Doing Things

Rob Howe recently interviewed Dave Maher (@thisisdavemaher on Instagram) about his personal journey with diabetes. Dave is a comedian and Rob is a member of Beyond Type 1’s Global Ambassador Council, and both are living with T1D

Rob and Dave discuss the ups and downs of Type 1 diabetes, especially as they pertain to comedy and their lives. One story in particular that Dave tells is nothing short of riveting. He fell into a coma due to an episode of high blood sugar and it wasn’t known at the time whether or not he would ever wake up. He was out for almost a month and woke up to various internet eulogies about him. Dave took these words and created a one man show about them. His story is also chronicled on This American Life.

Rob and Dave talk about the changes the latter made upon waking up, regarding diabetes management and other life challenges. Dave is now living to look beyond his diabetes and its hardships to focus on larger issues, including keeping up with his mental health and sobriety. His inspirational and honest story details a number of struggles that many people with Type 1 diabetes face.

Listen to the Podcast:


Rob Howe has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 13 years. He is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Podcaster and former professional basketball player. In 2015, Rob founded "Diabetics Doing Things," in an effort to raise awareness around the amazing things that people with Type 1 diabetes are doing around the world. Rob lives in Dallas, Texas with his girlfriend Erica and their cat and dogs, Michael J. Fox, Rowan & Enzo.