The New Year’s Eve Guide for Type 1


Note: This article is part of our library of resources for Celebrations & Holidays. Check out our food and drinking tips as well as an array of holiday carb charts here

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. While you’re planning how you’re going to celebrate or deciding which party to go to, remember to take care of yourself and your diabetes.

We know that the holidays can be fun and at times a little stressful, so here are some tips for how to enjoy the last night of this year while ringing in the next one.

Eat as normally as possible

Throughout the day leading up to your NYE celebrations. Consult our Holiday Diabetes Management Guide for tips on navigating get-togethers where nutritional information isn’t readily available.

Get some sleep

You’re going to sleep… right? This is probably the last thing on your mind on New Year’s Eve, but don’t forget to treat your body kindly by catching up on some shut-eye. Pre- and post-celebration naps are highly recommended.

Keep track of your activity

Remember that dancing counts as exercise! Be aware of the work your body is doing and factor that activity into your basal rates. If you’re using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you may want to take advantage of the “note” feature that lets you mark when you set out on the dance floor.

Get creative with your pump

Ladies shopping for glittery dresses, we’re looking out for you. Clipping it into your bra, utilizing those awesome dress pockets and sneaking it under your arm are all options for using what you have to keep your pump discreetly in place. Check out stories from the Beyond Type 1 community about wearing pumps on special occasions for more ideas.


If you decide to go on an end-of-the-year “pump vacation,” plan ahead. Calculate your long-acting insulin accordingly and remember to take your fast-acting insulin on schedule.

Tell a friend

If you’re planning on partying, someone close to you should know that you have type 1 and what to do in case of emergency—speaking of, there is a built-in I.C.E. form in the Health app on your iPhone. Use it!

Water is your best friend

Pace yourself and have a glass or two in between boozy drinks. For a detailed drinking-with-diabetes breakdown, check out our booze guide. Your body will thank you later.

Set up in advance

Set up your bedside table with a juice box or other source of glucose, water bottle and alarm set so you wake up to check your blood sugar. Again, next year’s you will thank last year’s you for thinking ahead!

Charge up

Plug in your CGM receiver as you’re getting ready for a late night—even if your plan is to stay home and watch the Times Square ball drop from the comfort of your couch. No one wants to get out from under a cozy blanket to search for a charger! Change your pump battery before you go out—no one wants to hit pause on the celebrations to go out in search of AAs, either.

New Year, nice you

While you’re thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions should be, take a moment to think about you: your mental, physical and psychosocial health; your relationship with your diabetes; your overall wellbeing. It’s an ideal opportunity to set a goal to use positive self-talk. We think that’s a pretty awesome resolution!

WRITTEN BY BT1 Editorial Team, POSTED 12/22/16, UPDATED 12/26/22

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Editorial Team.