Celebrations & Holidays


Holidays are a special time of year where we celebrate family, friends and community. And as much as they are events that we look forward to, they also bring new challenges and the need for preparation if you or your loved one has type 1 diabetes.

Whatever the season, here are our guides for making it through unscathed while still enjoying all that they have to offer. Don’t forget to count your carbs!

Help with the Holiday Season

The Five Most Common Party Foods and What It Means for Blood Sugar Management

Here's how some common party foods impact blood sugar management—hint: it's not just about carbs! Learn about fat, protein, and more!

How To Be T1D Smart(ies) Around the Holidays

The reality is whether you are an adult living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) or parenting a kid with T1D, having a plan for the holidays, balance, and tools at your disposal is not optional. So, here are four ideas to get you started.

The Alcohol and Diabetes Guide

Cheers! We're not going to tell you that you can't drink; we will however, give you some general pointers on how to stay safe.

Surviving the Holidays—Parenting Guide for T1D Kiddos

We hope you enjoy the holiday time with as much cheer and as little stress as possible. Our recipe for happy holidays (with a young child with type 1 diabetes) includes a bit of planning, a dash of flexibility and a sprinkle of consistent routines!

Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

If you are insulin-dependent like me, you just need a solid game plan and you’ll be able to get through the festivities without wreaking havoc on your diabetes management.

How to Survive the School Party with Type 1 Diabetes

Other moms and dads just get to watch their children gleefully stuff their faces with rice crispy treats and overly frosted cupcakes. I watch as that sad, familiar look comes over my son's face.

Hosting a Guest with Diabetes This Holiday?

No guest wants to feel like a burden or othered just because they have diabetes. Here's how you can make them feel more at home!

Diabetes in the Wild: Holiday Party Hacks

Holiday festivities are here! Here are some tips, tricks, and helpful insight into how to manage blood sugar levels amidst the merry-making.
fall foods

The Ultimate Fall Foods Carbohydrate Counting Guide

Fall is here: time to sip on pumpkin spice lattes, pick apples, plan outfits around our hoodies, and count fall food carbs like a pro!

Navigating Your First Holiday Season After Diagnosis

Find out how to manage this holiday season by learning how to respond to questions, what to eat and which tools to use.

Navigating Specific Holidays

Halloween—T1D Tips for a Not-So-Scary Holiday

Are you dreading Halloween and the influx of sugar-packed treats? Have no fear! Tricks (and treats!) are here.

The Best Thanksgiving Tips to Hit Your Plate

It's here, that holiday that revolves around eating. If you have diabetes, plan for the holiday with these vital tips and tricks. 

How to Survive Black Friday with Type 1 diabetes

Black Friday is a good way to work off those turkey day calories, but it can be brutal on your blood sugar. Here's how to tackle it!

The Hanukkah Survival Guide with Type 1 Diabetes

Hanukkah is a long holiday, so do some planning before jumping in to celebrations! Be sure to stay active; walks are a great way to lower blood glucose levels and a fun way to get your family out of the house for a bit.

The New Year’s Eve Guide for Type 1

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. While you’re planning how you’re going to celebrate or deciding which party to go to, remember to take care of yourself and your diabetes.

A T1D Thanksgiving Feast

For those of you that may find yourselves in the same boat of navigating a Thanksgiving meal with T1D, I wanted to share some recipes for a complete Thanksgiving meal. All are some healthier/lower carb alternative to many traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Day of the Dead, Mexican Traditions And Our Altar: A T1D Guide

Use this guide to help navigate the holiday.

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day with Diabetes

Hispanic Heritage Month is here and starts with Mexican Independence Day. Here are incredible recipes for you to enjoy this celebration with delicious and healthy dishes all month long!

Holiday Carb-Counting Charts

Wouldn’t it be great to have a carb chart this holiday so you don’t have to Google every dish on the buffet table?

You can find them all here!

WRITTEN BY BT1 Editorial Team, POSTED 12/17/15, UPDATED 12/20/22

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Editorial Team.