Wedding Bells and My Insulin Pump


I can’t think of anything more fun for a girl to talk about than her wedding day. Most girls dream of everything, from the perfect dress and flowers to the food and guest list. As someone with T1D, and a pump wearer, I really wanted to feel great that day. I always strive to “live beyond” my T1D, and most of the time I do, but some days are harder than others. There are times when no matter what I do or how hard I try, it isn’t enough. The last thing I wanted was something T1D-related to take away, even just a little bit, from an experience that was going to be super special.

Going into your wedding there are lots of things to look forward to … engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties—but with all that comes food, drinks, things to do, people to please and decisions to make. Keeping calm, reminding yourself that the most important thing about your wedding is the commitment you and your partner are making, will do wonders for how you are feeling. Apart from that, everything is icing on the cake. Don’t sweat the small stuff because stress can send blood sugar out of control, which is never worth it. Chances are things will happen that aren’t according to plan, but try to go with the flow. Look at it as an adventure! Your wedding is the experience as a whole, not just the day of.

One of the biggest issues was my pump! How the heck was I going to wear my dream dress, which was fitted and had a super low back?! When we went to our first alterations appointment, I told the seamstress about my pump and showed her how “big & bulky” it was. I asked if there was any way she could sew a pocket somewhere in the dress to hide it. Usually I like to wear my pump where the world can see, because I meet so many other people with T1D that way. I want people to see that even though I have type 1, I don’t let it stop me. The world will see me do everything … sky-diving, hiking, wearing a bathing suit, eating ice cream, getting married, and some day having kids. I don’t let T1D stop me because I’m proud of the life I live. But everyone at my wedding already knew me. I didn’t want to worry about it flopping around while I got down on the dance floor, so I asked for a simple pocket. This was the most amazing thing I could’ve done. Every T1 bride who wears a pump needs to do this. I couldn’t even feel it. I almost forgot I had T1D from the moment I walked down the aisle to the moment I got into the limo at the end of the night.

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About thirty minutes before I walked down the aisle, I could tell my blood sugar was getting low. I tested and when my meter confirmed the way I was feeling, I drank a glass of orange juice (with champagne–duh!) and ate a little snack. I started feeling better within fifteen minutes and was ready. I made sure I had a few more carbs than I might have normally because I wasn’t willing to risk being low when I walked down the aisle and said my vows. I didn’t test the rest of the wedding — just trusted how I was feeling. I’ve had T1D for over fifteen years so I know my body. I can tell when I’m low and often when I’m high. My meal was mainly protein and although I did have a moscow mule, I didn’t bolus any insulin because I knew I would be dancing my butt off and most likely running low. I feel the worst when I’m low, so I erred toward the higher side but didn’t even end up going high.

If you can, eat as you would on a normal day — or as close to that as possible. If you stick to your usual schedule you won’t have to worry about having a super high or a super low. Don’t let the day revolve around T1D. If you want your wedding cake, you better have a piece. If you want a signature cocktail — have it!

I can’t say this advice will work for you, because everyone is different but trust your instincts. If you don’t correct your blood sugar perfectly or have the perfect blood sugars that day, don’t beat yourself up. You have your whole life to be in range. Do your best so you feel your best, but this is an important day to give yourself a break. Think ahead and plan a little, then enjoy every second.


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WRITTEN BY Brooklyn Ragsdale, POSTED 06/19/15, UPDATED 12/09/17

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