INTRODUCING: Type One Run, a Program of Beyond Type 1


Beyond Type 1 is proud to present Type One Run: an awesome way to connect in person with other T1Ds in your city or town! Type One Run is a group of ordinary folks dedicated to building support + community for those affected by Type 1 diabetes through running. This is a movement of free, inclusive meet-ups easy to join or start in your hometown. 

Picture this: you’re jogging, and your blood sugar drops quickly. You have to stop for a snack – usually something that would make you feel embarrassed or guilty… but your running buddies all live with Type 1, too. Not only are they happy to take a break, they even have extra low supplies in case you need them. “Leave No Ones Behind” – that’s what Type One Run is all about!

By joining forces with Type One Run, we’re expanding the opportunities to connect face-to-face with the online Type 1 diabetes + Beyond Type 1 community. Type One Run currently has 22 chapters globally – and with the help of the Beyond Type 1 community, we’re about to take things to the next level. Reach out to get started with Type One Run and to connect with other Type 1s in your community. Most importantly – have fun. Connect directly here

Learn more about Type One Run at Looking for the Beyond Type Run Marathon/5k fundraising teams? Click here