Using Sugarmate: the CGM Companion App


Sugarmate is a helpful CGM Companion App that syncs blood sugar readings and activity across any and all devices in real-time. It is compatible with Dexcom G4, G5, and G6 and also works with the Nightscout Project – merely input your Nightscout url to link the two. The Sugarmate app is extremely easy to set up and immediately displays real-time stats so that you can analyze your results.

Users can opt to receive phone calls if their blood sugar drops too low and they are asleep – even if they are in Do Not Disturb mode. They can also enable SMS texts to an emergency contact if their sugar level drops too low. Fans of Sugarmate love that it has a predictive feature, issuing alerts if the app registers that you are approaching your low target. It actually alerts you before Dexcom does, giving you more time to adjust.

Sugarmate also has the capacity to track food, exercise or insulin with both photo-taking and voice dictation. Users can track results via easy to understand graphs that go back as far they would like, detailing their entire blood sugar level history up to 24 hours before they began using the app. Using voice recognition and barcode scanning, you can look up various foods and other nutritional information.

Sugarmate is compatible with the Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa, “What’s my sugar at?” and she will respond with your most recent reading. The app was designed for use by not only people with a continuous glucose monitor but for those who would like to follow their loved ones who use a CGM, and it works equally well for both wearers and followers. For iPhone and iPad users, Siri shortcuts include, “what’s my sugar,” “add insulin,” and “lookup food,” among others.

Download the app here.