The Beyond Type 1 2015 Gift Guide!

WRITTEN BY: Mary Lucas

Even Type 1 Diabetes deserves a little love! Whether you want to show some love to the Type 1 in your life or you are a Type 1 who wants to show a little extra love to your supplies, devices and accessories, we’ve got you covered! Now you may be under the impression that diabetes gifts are boring. Well, think again! Gone are the days of ugly glucose monitor cases and dull medical ID’s. There are so many companies out there making diabetes a little more fun with fabulous products. Here are some favorites!



Do you sometimes wish you could punch your pancreas for not working? Do you wish you could just take it and throw it across the room in a fit of high-blood-sugar-induced annoyance? Well now you can (kind of) with the famous Powerful Pancreas Plushy (1)! It also doubles as a perfect snuggle buddy to use while trying to fall back asleep after those 3 a.m. lows.

For the younger Type 1’s out there, you can make your little T1D feel like a superhero with this Super Medical Alert Necklace (2) from Lauren’s Hope!

Speaking of Superheroes, your Pumper will feel invincible with this Superhero Pump Pouch (3). In case your child wants a different pattern, fear not! Dazzling Pump Pouches has all sorts of fun fabric options that are perfect for kids and teens, and you can even customize your own.

We love getting our daily laugh on with Type 1 Diabetes Memes, and we love all the cute gear they have like this Type One Bag (4)! The bags, T-shirts, phone cases and more have adorable designs and empowering slogans that are perfect for all ages and genders.

Help your little T1D love their guts with an adorable printed onesie or t-shirt from Mama Case Prints (5). Mama Case is designed by the mama of Eddy, one of the cutest 3-year-old Type 1 diabetics you will ever see, and Eddy even has a few designs for sale!

Grif Grips (6) are adhesive patches for pump or CGM sites that go over the device and help secure it to the wearer’s skin. They come in all sorts of fun shapes, sizes and colors, and you can customize the inside cut so the patch can fit around your Dexcom sensor or pump connection site or leave you a viewing window for your Omnipod!

For fun and functional diabetes supply carrying cases and kits look no further than Myabetic! With six styles just for kids (or the kid at heart), including the adorable Love Bug Case (7) there is no reason for your child to carry a boring black nylon case ever again!

The Marie Diabetes Mini Crossbody Bag (9) is part diabetes supply case part stylish purse, and the perfect chic way to carry both your diabetes and personal items for a fun night out! Myabetic also has great everyday cases that are still a generous step up from the boring basics.

Pump Peelz (8) are just the most fun way to decorate your devices! Pump Peelz are custom skins for Dexcom, OneTouch VerioIQ Meters, Pebble Watches, and pumps including Animas, Medtronic, Omnipod (both pod and PDM) and T-Slim. There are an infinite amount of ever-changing colors and designs, and you can even create custom Pump Peelz with their interactive design tool.

Celebrate your DiaBadAss self in this adorable and empowering tank from Type One Type Happy (10). If a tank isn’t your style, fear not, there are DiaBadAss shirts and beanies as well as some other fun accessories!

The Pen Clutch (11) from Prikkedief is the perfect bag for stashing just your insulin pens on the go. The clutch can fit two pens and accessories such as needles or alcohol wipes, and comes in a variety of colors.

Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright side of Type 1 Diabetes (12) is the perfect uplifting read from Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014 and creator of the viral #ShowMeYourPump campaign on social media. Sierra tells the story of her journey from diagnosis to becoming Miss Idaho 2014 to competing at Miss America and beyond. Her book is full of positivity and hope and reminds us to love the things that make us unique rather than being ashamed of what makes us different.

American Girl Doll recently released a Diabetes Care Kit for Dolls (13) – and we could not be more excited! The kit comes with everything your T1D needs to check their dolls blood sugar or give them insulin via pump. There is even a mini log book and medical id bracelet! For those of us who grew up playing with dolls, you can understand the significance in having accessories that make a doll just like you!

Finally, who doesn’t need a Beyond Type 1 Drop Hat? Get yours HERE!

Happy Shopping!

Mary Lucas

Mary was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1998 at the age of seven, and despite having the disease for 17 years now, she still approaches each day with a smile and a sunny outlook. She attended Parsons the New School for Design in New York where she studied fashion design with a focus in Childrenswear. Now in her role as Community Manager at Beyond Type 1, Mary loves connecting and sharing stories, tips and tricks with other diabetics! She grew up around philanthropy and is passionate about living well with T1D, growing Beyond Type 1 and her French Bulldog, Lola. You can find Mary on Instagram @MaryAlessandraa!