City Guides


Below are our first city guides — an insider’s look through the lens of Type 1! Over the coming months we hope to expand these guides to cover a wide variety of cities both nationally and internationally.

San Francisco, California, USA

When you are out and about in San Francisco, you will notice how busy the streets are with runners, bikers, shoppers, and walkers.READ MORE

W Los Angeles, California, USA

People in West Los Angeles like to appreciate life by being active and enjoying the beautiful coastline and beaches.READ MORE

Miami, Florida, USA

For decades, Miami has been known as a hot spot, with its beautiful sunny beaches and great weather year-round.READ MORE

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Any afternoon throughout the summer months, neighborhoods across the Music City play host to local farmer's markets, with the city's government investing in a central market near the heart of downtown.READ MORE

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta is the epicenter of the New South and a city rich in culture and diversity.READ MORE

Orlando (Southern), Florida, USA

As a leading family destination across the world, Lake Buena Vista has a lot to offer adults and children alike.READ MORE

Orlando (Northern), Florida, USA

When people think of Orlando, theme parks automatically come to mind. However, “The City Beautiful” has so much more to offer!READ MORE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Long known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia is also known as the city of firsts, thanks in part to the enormous influence Ben Franklin had on this city.READ MORE

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Charlotte is known for its big banks and professional sports teams, but the Queen City has so much more to offer. Any time of year is a beautiful time to visit Charlotte.READ MORE

London, England, UK

With almost 17.5 million people visiting this past year, London is the most popular tourist destination in the world. READ MORE

Vienna, Austria, EU

The city is not only famous for its wonderful music and composers but also for cozy coffee houses, imperial buildings, cultural events and the extraordinary Viennese vibe.READ MORE

If you want to help write a guide for your own city, we would love your help! Please email us at, tell us where you’re located, and we’ll get you more information on how to help.