The Quarantine, My Life and a Covid-19 Test


My name is Jorge Aguilar and I am in the eighth grade. I currently live in Los Angeles in a quiet suburb, but where the virus has also had a significant effect on the inhabitants.

The quarantine and my life

The quarantine in Los Angeles began on March 13 of this year. That day I would receive an award of student of the month and they told my parents and me that we could surely go in a couple of weeks when this whole thing went back to normal. That has not happened.

The hardest thing about not going to school has been that teachers leave more work than during “normal” school days. I feel like they think that since we are home all day, we have all day to dedicate ourselves to school. Perhaps that is true but my generation is also interested in other things besides studying. We know it is important but we also have other interests.

The easiest thing about not going to school is to hangout more with my family and lately, we have visited very interesting and new places that we have never been to and where there are no people. We have gone out to the mountains, to walk in nature and we have stayed away from others. That is probably why we are safe to date.

About going back to school

I sincerely believe that it is a bad idea to go back to school because probably some of us would get sick with Covid-19. What really worries me is that we could take the virus back home to our adult and elderly loved ones and that they may not be able to overcome this virus. But I believe at the same time that our return is being carefully planned. At least that’s what I want to think and that’s what my parents say.

The Covid-19 test

On October 19 I did my COVID test. I did it because my school district requested it to plan next steps for us going back to school. They will surely analyze which children may be able to return to school and which may not.

I have to say I wasn’t scared, but my mom was. We went together and we were both tested at my school’s facilities. In fact, we were notified a couple of days ago that we could make an appointment to go and have the test done. I think not many of my friends and their parents have gone to do the test and I think it is because they are scared. The test videos look much more terrible than what the test actually is and I think the more information there is from us students it will be easier to plan how to go back to school. Although we are not all excited to return (haha!)

My family and I have been really, really careful. My mom lives with type 1 diabetes and she would have a hard time if she gets the virus. My Dad and I don’t want to get the virus so she won’t get sick. I know her blood glucose levels are higher when she’s sick and Covid-19 seems a big deal. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Actually, we should all get tested. And not only for people with diabetes safety but just to keep others safe.  We have to take into account everyone’s health and that includes those who are older and those who have a health condition like my mother.

If you feel curious

First, they give you a cotton-tipped stick similar to the one you use to clean dirt from your ears (like a Q-tip). A nurse will explain the steps you have to follow to do it well and to avoid hurting yourself. You have to put the tip to your nose until the cotton part is completely inside, then you turn it close to your nose for 15 seconds, then you repeat the same but in your other nostril. As you can see it is very fast. It does not hurt, in any case, you feel a little itchy but it is very easy compared to how we have seen in videos with adults.

Reasons why (if you can) you should take the test

I was curious how it was done and also wanted to know if maybe I was asymptomatic. Also, we are helping to know who is sick and who is still keeping safe. We can know if our teachers are in danger if we open the schools and surely the school district will plan something so that we can return but without putting ourselves in danger.

I talked to two friends because I wanted to know if they would go get the test.

“I’m going to do it because I wouldn’t want other people to get sick and I also want to know that I’m fine. But I’m not really sure because I know I’ve been careful and I’ve followed the rules so ….”
– Beau Anderson, California.

“I would like to take the test to know if I am sick and to feel calm but I would not do it because I am afraid to know that I have it and because of how uncomfortable it seems to do it.”
– Luis Rubén, Mexico City.

I also talked to my grandmother for her opinion, especially since she is always ready to answer any questions her grandchildren have.

“We grandmothers love and want to be in contact with our grandchildren, hug them and show them how important they are in our lives, but in order to do so during this pandemic, we must take all the necessary measures to care for our health. As a grandmother, I believe that the COVID-19 test will give us the confidence to hug them without fear. I fear for my health but mainly for my grandson’s. If he takes the test and it is negative, I will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that he is fine and that his family will be too. “
– Yolanda, Mexico City

Message for you if you are afraid

Think that, if you take the test, you will know if you can be with your family without being worried! Think that you will help others to be safe. Think that you help those who cannot stay at home. You will also feel confident and more relaxed. If you are worried about how it feels. It doesn’t hurt at all. You’ll feel NADA. Trust!

WRITTEN BY Jorge A. Aguilar , POSTED 10/21/20, UPDATED 11/26/22

Jorge is in the eighth grade. He is fond of video games and knows a lot about type 1 diabetes because his mother lives with this condition. He spends a lot of time drawing, studying and playing online games. You can find him on Twitch as Gamococo2206.