Eat As Much Pizza As You Want


Editor’s Note: Beyond Type 1 is proud to partner with Real Good Foods this November. Every time a Real Good product is purchased in a store, Real Good Foods will donate a portion of Profits to Beyond Type 1, up to $25,000.

For a kid with Type 1 diabetes, life can seem pretty unfair sometimes. Many of us with T1D remember our diagnosis as a time when we were told a list of things we would “never be able to do again.”

You’ll never have normal blood sugars again.
You’ll never be able to play sports again.
You’ll never get a full night’s sleep again.
You’ll never be able to live a normal life again.
You’ll never be able to eat as much pizza as you want again.

Despite the inaccuracy of the above statements, it’s difficult for anyone with T1D to escape the constant pressure of living with this invisible disease. We must worry about every action we take, every unit of insulin we inject, and every gram of carbohydrate we consume. That’s why we celebrate the small victories – like finding a pizza you can eat without worrying about blood sugars. That’s the kind of celebration Thomas was having when he wrote Real Good Foods this letter.

When Real Good Foods received this letter a few months ago, they immediately recognized the impact their products had on the T1D community. The company’s line of low-carb, high-protein meals flip the script when it comes to pizza and blood sugars.

This National Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re proud to partner with Real Good Foods to help bring awareness to those impacted by Type 1 diabetes. For every purchase made in a store, Real Good Foods will be donating a portion of the profits to Beyond Type 1. Read more about our partnership here.

Working with Real Good Foods means more to Beyond Type 1 than a generous percentage of proceeds. Partnering with organizations outside the diabetes community allows us to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes with entirely new audiences – getting information in front of folks following or purchasing food from their favorite low-carb pizza brand.

Grab a low-carb pizza and feel good about where your dollars are going this November! Sounds like a win-win.


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