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Ever wish you had a type 1 community of experts that you could go to for all of your type 1 diabetes (T1D) questions? Like Does type 1 affect anyone else’s hair growth? Where’s the best place for sites? Is it okay to get a tattoo? Well there is, and it’s right at your fingertips, literally. Beyond Type 1 just launched it’s app for mobile and web that is linking people in nearly 100 different countries across the globe. It’s a place where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, your struggles and your triumphs, all with people who get it. Whether you have type 1 or are a caregiver of someone with type 1, this app is made up of an extraordinary community which fosters support and provides answers to all those nerve-wrecking T1D questions.

Caitlyn Sinclair from Glasgow, Scotland, wanted to know this on the Beyond Type 1 app: “Is anyone else worried that their diabetes will affect relationships with people? I feel like when you start dating it’s like a big secret and then when you reveal it what if it’s too much for that person? I dunno, it just scares me a little…”

BT1-BUBBLE-HIThis is what the community had to say…

Leah from California, USA

“I often feel that way and I’m married. I feel guilty and start apologizing to my husband and he reminds me that he loves me EXACTLY for who I am, type 1 and all. It was six months into our marriage that I was diagnosed so I feel like he didn’t sign up for this. But he’s perfect for me. And just the same, you will find someone perfect for you. ❤️”
Chloe from Canada
“I feel the same way!”

Brent from Pennsylvania, USA

“If they’re worth it, they’ll understand and stick around ????”

Michelle from Chicago, USA

“I feel exactly the same way! And it’s even worse when people start to treat you differently because of it.”

Heather from CanadaBT1-BUBBLE-ANYBODY-ELSE

“All my experiences have been positive, and people end up really interested in my pump/numbers. Most of the time others just want to learn more about it and feel comfortable asking questions.  Would you be comfortable bringing it up at the beginning of getting to know someone?  If you show them that you’re open to sharing with the, they will probably be totally fine with you + diabetes. 🙂  And if they’re not… well, that’s probably not a good sign about the type of person they are!”

Brittany from Georgia, USA

“You’re not alone! I’ve been diabetic for 10 years and I’m still so hesitant about telling others I’m diabetic.”

Kristen from Connecticut, USA

“I find it’s a good conversation starter, and their reaction to the news gives you a good idea about the type of person they are.”

Raj from California, USA

“Yes, I mean you can’t meet someone and go like hey I am Raj and by the way my pancreas suck.
So, eventually when you open up to them it already feels weird as if a part of you was initially hiding something.
And then one of the two things happen largely due to lack of T1 awareness, they either treat you like a helpless pet who needs mollycoddling or careless twats who got it upon themselves. Both of which are annoying. PS—also, I hate it every time when I have to explain how this is not what your old uncle had.”

Jonathan from Oklahoma, USA

“It is probably a good screening tool you can use to keep the “bad ones” away. If anyone you would be seeking a long term relationship with isn’t ok with it in the first few dates then they probably won’t be on the long run. I suggest purposefully using your pump/shots on the first date just to ‘test’ them!”

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