Craig Stubing


At 13 years old, Craig Stubing started experiencing the symptoms of extremely high blood sugar. Without any experience with type 1 diabetes, his family mistook his symptoms as just puberty. Eventually, a visit to the doctor sent him to the emergency room and changed his life forever. Hear more of Craig’s story here.

Craig launched Beta Cell in 2015 as a response to an online community he felt was more about complaining than understanding each other. Through one-on-one interviews with people of all backgrounds, Craig tries to discover how type 1 diabetes impacts our lives and how our lives impact our type 1 diabetes.

To help explore the many aspects of living with type 1 diabetes, Craig created and hosts three more shows: Out of Range, a talk show about “real things diabetes;” The 3s, where people with T1D interview their friends and family; and Thicker Than Water, which documents Craig’s Aunt Laura getting diagnosed with, and adjusting to, life with type 1 diabetes at 60 years old.