Makaila Heifner, Staff Writer


Makaila was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 16 months old. Before joining the Beyond Type 1 team in 2019, she worked at several diabetes camps, including Camp Leo and DYF. Makaila earned her B.A. in Global Studies and a Minor in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley. She now lives in Austin, TX, and enjoys getting outside, seeing live music, and reading IMDB movie trivia. Check her out on Instagram: @makailaheifner.

Written by Makaila

A black and white photo of Jahari smiling as a teenager

Jahari Shouldn’t Have Died — How “Jesse Was Here” Helped Her Mother Grieve

After Jahari passed, her mom Sachi got help processing her grief through Jesse Was Here, started by another mom who lost her child to type 1 diabetes.MORE

How a Diabetes Pen Pal Program Helped Kiley Be Herself

Beyond Type 1’s Snail Mail program connects people with diabetes across the country and the world. Kiley and her mom have found friendship, understanding, and relief through Kiley’s Snail Mail fri...MORE

Know the Warning Signs: The Hannah Hurlbut Story

Hannah's family thought she had just come down with a bad cold or the flu, a common experience when type 1 diabetes goes undiagnosed.MORE

Logging Insulin Dosages 101

Using multiple daily injections? This easy guide will help you learn how and when to log your insulin dosages.MORE

Diabetes & Mental Health: Finding New Approaches That Work

The Center for Diabetes & Mental Health shares valuable resources on diabetes anxiety, burnout, sleep management, and finding support.MORE

Our Rights to Health in Africa: A Type 1 Diabetes Youth Advocate Workshop Recap

Life for a Child, alongside CLAN Child Health and Insulin for Life, recently hosted an online workshop called “Our Rights to Health in Africa: A Type 1 Diabetes Youth Advocate Workshop.”MORE

TJ’s Diabetes Journey

When TJ was first diagnosed, his doctors said needed to “earn” pump technology by becoming well versed in carb counting and how to bolus.MORE

The PROTECT Study 

The PROTECT Study aims to understand how the investigational medicine, teplizumab, works in children and young adults who have recently been diagnosed with T1D, as well as assessing if there are any s...MORE

JDRF Announces New Center of Excellence to Advance T1D Research

On February 23, 2021, JDRF announced the launch of the JDRF Center of Excellence in collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in New England.MORE

More Than a Diabetic: Eritrea Mussa Khan

Eritrea Mussa Khan is the newest co-host of the podcast Diabetics Doing Things. She recently sat down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss the podcast, identity, and diabetes.MORE

Congress Renews Funding for Special Diabetes Program

On Dec 22, 2020, Congress renewed the Special Diabetes Program, providing $150 million annually in type 1 diabetes research funding until 2023MORE

Knowledge is Power: Screening for T1D

After their first daughter was diagnosed with T1D, the Brzozowski family decided to have their youngest child screened, and discovered that she would eventually develop type 1 diabetesMORE

From Diagnosis Through Complications: Disparities in Diabetes Care

Recent research is confirming what many have experienced - that beginning at diagnosis, ethnic minorities in the US face more challenges navigating diabetes and care than their white counterparts. MORE

Amazon Launches Online Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy, launched on November 17, delivers medications and prescription refills - such as insulin - with Prime membership 2-day shipping.MORE

Finding Peace of Mind

How experience and access to new treatment options gave the Harrisons more flexibility and peace of mind.MORE

From Coping to Healing (And Everything in Between) — An Interview with Michelle Bauer

Michelle Bauer sits down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss her newest book, Jesse Was Here (More Lasagna, Please): Feeding the Soul of a Grieving Mother. MORE

Q&A with T1D Musician Austin James

Austin James sits down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss his experiences with type 1 diabetes and music.MORE

Yes, you still need to wash your hands. Here’s why. 

Why we still need to wash our hands during COVID-19 (and all the time). MORE

Sleep Away: Sleeping + Diabetes in College

Makaila talks about going away to school for the first time and how the transition specifically affected her type 1 diabetes and sleep routine.MORE

Graduating with Type 1 Diabetes

Senior (or 4th) year is ending and as you finish finals and perhaps consider college or employment, there's the graduation ceremony itself to also consider.MORE

The Driving Diabetic

Driving is a great opportunity and makes planning a lot easier, but as teenagers with type 1, we have to be extraordinarily careful. When I first started to drive and talk to other people about their ...MORE

Dating and Diabetes

From here I had to slowly figure out the whole dating "thing." Between butterflies and firsts, I also had the additional challenge of navigating my diabetes and how it would apply to my roma...MORE

Pumpin’ at Prom

Just like any other high schooler, I was very excited for prom: dresses, shoes, a date with a boy. What wasn’t there to be excited for? In the midst of planning dinner, transportation and what kind ...MORE