#REVLONANDBEYOND Million Dollar Challenge


How can you help?

  1. Donate! Any amount between $10 and $10,000 will be accepted. Consider making multiple donations across the campaign to support weekly challenges where we could win bonus cash.*
  2. Become a Fundraiser! Click here and set up a profile! You can track and share how much you have fundraised for Beyond Type 1.
  3. Share the campaign on social media and invite your network to join you. We have some awesome assets for your various profiles!

*The Hot List

Check out The Hot List— which recognizes each and every generous donor who have contributed nearly $200,000 in the first half of the Revlon Love Is On Million Dollar Campaign—updated daily at 10pm Pacific.

We’re Beyond Pumped

Beyond Type 1 has been invited to participate in the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge. From Sept. 14 – Oct. 26, we hope you will join our Leadership and Ambassadors and special Challenge Captains to raise money for our portfolio of programs, projects and research efforts. The organization that raises the most money will win an additional ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Please make Beyond Type 1 part of your giving and fundraising plans for this fall. Imagine what a extra $1M will do for this community!


Visit the Beyond Type 1 Swag Closet:

  • Raise $100 and we’ll send a set of awareness bracelets
  • Raise $200 to receive a SPIbelt *limited to first 100 adults + 100 kids
  • Raise $500 to choose a Drop hat or the newly released but not-for-sale Percy the Snail plushy
  • Raise $1500 to receive a Drop hat autographed by Nick Jonas
  • Raise $10,000 and Appleton will add your name, diaversary or message to a street installation.

Other exciting prizes from Beyond Type 1 will be released throughout the campaign.

Bonus, Bonus: Every $25 donation will enter the donor into a weekly drawings with prizes from Revlon.

We know it’s hard asking people for money, so here are some ideas to make it easy!

  • Send a letter or email with a link to the campaign. Share your personal story of life with type 1 and ask for their support.
  • Set up a spare change jar collection at your school, office, or at home. It really adds up!
  • Host an event—from a casual meet up to partnering with a local business—whatever suits your style.
  • Athon: sweat for good! Lap-athon, jump-athon, ping pong-athon, any-athon will do. A great way to engage friends, family and kids.
  • Read So you don’t think you can fundraise?

*All donations must go through the online portal. The donation page is set up on mobile and so donations on-the-go are easy. Checks to Beyond Type 1 will not count for the challenge, but we will of course accept them if that is the only way the donation is available.


We are so proud to have the following people help us run this 43 day relay race. These members of our community have helped Beyond Type 1 achieve great heights in our first year and we thank them for co-captaining one day of the challenge.

Day 1 – 9.14 Opening Day for all Ambassadors

Day 2 – 9.15 Chef Sam Talbot + Henry Jensen

Day 3 – 9.16 Percy

Day 4- 9.17 Elladia Jones + Sierra Sandison

Day 5 – 9.18 Paloma Guerrero, Gretchen Otte + Libby Russell

Day 6 – 9.19 Michelle Berman + Deborah Healy, Diabetes Dad, Sarah Lucas + Thom Scher

Day 7 – 9.20 Ryan Campbell + Samantha Willner

Day 8 – 9.21 Lola the Frenchie

Day 9 – 9.22 Ethan V, Sam Fuld + Alexi Melvin

Day 10 – 9.23 Hannah Lambert + Mary Lucas

Day 11 – 9.24 Lisa Hepner

Day 12 – 9.25 Charlize McCarter

Day 13 – 9.26 Jason Baker MD

Day 14 – 9.27 Sara Vedomske, Scott Benner + Stacey Simms

Day 15 – 9.28 Mindy Bartleson, Asha Browne + Mark Heyman PhD

Day 16 – 9.29 Carolyn BoardmanAmy Josefy, Samantha Brzozowski + Faye Kolly

Day 17 – 9.30 Sara Jensen, Maggie Jones, Kacie Case + Sara Knol

Day 18 – 10.1 Sid Sharma, Walt Drennan, Rebecca Furuta, Lauren Adams + Mandy Marquardt

Day 19 – 10.2 Gavin Lewis, Anita Nicole Brown + Ava August

Day 20 – 10.3 Awareness Day

Day 21 – 10.4 Michelle Auerbach + Victor Garber

Day 22 – 10.5 The Dooley Family + The Felton Family

Day 23 – 10.6 Robin Arzon + Liz Van Voorhis

Day 24 – 10.7 Shelby Payne, Jesse Nagel + Apoorva Gomber

Day 25 – 10.8 Kelsey Tullis, Makaila Heifner, Dillon + Jen Hanson

Day 26 – 10.9 Elle and Coach + Luke and Jedi

Day 27 – 10.10 Anna Sjöberg + Kyrra Richards

Day 28 – 10.11 LeAnn Carlson

Day 29 – 10.12 Ernesto Prado

Day 30 – 10.13 Lauren Bongiorno

Day 31 – 10.14 Nic + Juliet de Baubigny

Day 32 – 10.15 Ryan Reed

Day 33 – 10.16 Dr. Nat Strand

Day 34 – 10.17 Becky Thomson, Ellie Huckle + Marc Hillis

Day 35 – 10.18 Jesse Lavine + Riley Jenkins

Day 36 – 10.19 Shane Kidd

Day 37 – 10.20 Kai Duran

Day 38 – 10.21 Neil Greathouse 

Day 39 – 10.22 Carter Clark

Day 40 – 10.23 Jonathan Berman

Day 41 – 10.24 The Wedding Family

Day 42 – 10.25 Appleton + Co-founders  Juliet de Baubigny, Nick Jonas, Sam TalbotSarah Lucas


Every week throughout the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge there will be Bonus Challenges to give Beyond Type 1 exciting opportunities to win even more money. Winnings from Bonus Challenges will be added to our Fundraising Totals throughout the challenge and so they count toward to next contest and the overall challenge!

Kick Off! Sept. 14

If Beyond Type 1 raises at least $100, we will get an additional $100 from Revlon! Start time: 12:00pm ET / End time: 11:59:59pm ET

#1: Sept. 14 – 20

If Beyond Type 1 is one of the top 10 charities to raise the most this week, we will win an additional $5,000. Start time: 12:00pm ET / End time: 1:59:59pm ET

#2: Sept. 20 – 27

If Beyond Type 1 is one of the top two charities to raise the most this week, we will get the opportunity to play Rock Paper Scissors! The Winner gets $7,000 and the runner-up gets $3,000. Start time: 2:00pm ET / End time: 2:59:59pm ET

#3: Sept. 27 – Oct. 4

The first 10 charities to raise at least $5,000 online will get $5,000 AND the first 200 online donations of at least $50 will get a $50 match. Start time: 4:00pm ET / End time: 1:59:59pm ET

Half Time!

If Beyond Type 1 raises $50,000 by week 3, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with Revlon on a project!

#4: Oct. 4 – 11

If Beyond Type 1 raises at least $1,000 online this week, we will get a chance to win $2,000. There will be 4 winners. Start time: 2:00pm ET / End time: 1:59:59pm ET

#5: Oct. 11 – 18

The 20 charities that raise the most money online this week will each win $1,000. Start time: 2:00pm ET / End time: 1:59:59pm ET

#6: Oct. 18 – 26

The first 100 online donations of exactly $20 will get a $20 match. AND The first 100 online donations of $100 and up will get a $100 match. Start time: 2:00pm ET / End time: 1:59:59pm ET and/or until the matches are gone.


How much can I donate?

Donations can be any amount between $10 and $10,000! You are welcome to make multiple donations. Every donation helps-especially when they help meet specific weekly challenges!

Is my donation Tax Deductible?

If you live in the USA, absolutely! Beyond Type 1 is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, tax ID number 47-3336640. As such, contributions to Beyond Type 1 may be tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please check with your personal tax advisor regarding the deduction of your gift.

I live outside the US, can I donate?

Yes! Beyond Type 1 is a US based non-profit organization and so donations received from outside the US will not be tax-deductible.

Do I have to donate online?

Yes! All donations must go through the web-portal to count towards winnings. While we greatly appreciate checks, please make donations via credit card for the duration of the challenge.

Will my full donation count towards the winnings if I don’t cover the CC fee?

Yes! The total amount donated will count towards the winnings.

How will my donation to Beyond Type 1 be used?

Click here to learn more!