Why is Type 1 Diabetes Misdiagnosed?

Many people with Type 1 share a similar diagnosis story. They display all the classic symptoms (extreme thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, nausea) and were fortunate enough to be accurately diagnosed by their primary care doctor. However, some people with Type 1 are not as fortunate to quickly receive a correct diagnosis.

The Medical ID Guide

If the situation ever arises, wearing a medical ID can make sure that you receive the attention and care you need in the event of an emergency. Consider these medical ID options!

The Different Stages in Clinical Trials

Ever wonder how treatments become available? Have you heard about “phases” of development and FDA approval? Here’s a primer on how treatments get to those who can benefit from them.

CRISPR Therapeutics and ViaCyte’s Strategic Collaboration to Develop Gene‐Edited Stem Cell‐Derived Therapy for Diabetes

Yesterday, CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRSP), a biopharmaceutical company that develops transformative gene‐based medicines for serious diseases, and ViaCyte, Inc., a regenerative medicine company, announced their collaboration.

The Best Birthday Gift I Ever Got

I don’t curse my fate. But for the accident of my birth in 1957, and not in 1857, I have therapies available to cope with the Type 1 diabetes.

A Diagnosis and the Music that Followed

That album was an outlet that helped me process the way I was feeling at my diagnosis. Because of Type 1 diabetes, I had a story to tell.

DANA: The New Resource for Diabetes Educators

AADE recently announced the launch of DANA, its newest resource for AADE members. DANA (Diabetes Advanced Network Access) keeps a host of information about the latest diabetes-related technology up-to-date and available, allowing healthcare providers to absorb and relay tips for the which apps to download and news about newly-released devices.

Tortoise vs the Hare – Islet Transplantation vs Technology

The race to find a more effective and non-evasive, injection-free therapy for patients with Type 1 diabetes involves many players. The remaining question is not when, but who is going to win: the tortoise or the hare?

Immunotherapy for Type 1 Diabetes

“For a long time, everybody thought that Type 1 would be cured by immunosuppression,” said The Faustman Lab’s Dr. Denise L. Faustman, M.D., Ph.D., but the past 30 years of discovery “have proven that immunostimulation is what’s needed.”

A Life-Saving Decision – Part 1

Four-year-old Braca nearly died after developing type 1 diabetes while sailing with his family in South-East Asia. Mum Kia Korrop explains why they turned back to port, as his condition worsened.

Living with an Empowered Diabetes Mindset

Living with T1D is just as much mental as it is physical and feeling disempowered can show up in many different ways. Beyond the basic survival tools, my own personal experience and professional experience as a Diabetic Health Coach has showed me that what it takes to fully thrive with T1D.

TEDDY STUDY – Researching the Causes of Type 1 diabetes

Researchers are studying a group of nearly 9,000 children from four countries from birth to 15 years old who are at an elevated risk for Type 1 diabetes.

What Saved Me After this Diabetes Error

“What’s the okay range again?” he looked up and asked. I started explaining, but stopped short as a found the number 311 on the screen.

Can an Antihypertensive Drug Preserve Beta Cell Function in Early Type 1 diabetes?

A study published this week in Nature reported that an FDA-approved antihypertensive drug, verapamil, might slow the progression of beta cell destruction at Type 1 diabetes onset.