Why is Type 1 Diabetes Misdiagnosed?

Many people with Type 1 share a similar diagnosis story. They display all the classic symptoms (extreme thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, nausea) and were fortunate enough to be accurately diagnosed by their primary care doctor. However, some people with Type 1 are not as fortunate to quickly receive a correct diagnosis.

The Medical ID Guide

If the situation ever arises, wearing a medical ID can make sure that you receive the attention and care you need in the event of an emergency. Consider these medical ID options!

The Different Stages in Clinical Trials

Ever wonder how treatments become available? Have you heard about “phases” of development and FDA approval? Here’s a primer on how treatments get to those who can benefit from them.

Can an Antihypertensive Drug Preserve Beta Cell Function in Early Type 1 diabetes?

A study published this week in Nature reported that an FDA-approved antihypertensive drug, verapamil, might slow the progression of beta cell destruction at Type 1 diabetes onset.

The Patient and Me: T1D in Guatemala

We sat in a dusty, unairconditioned room in the mountains of rural Guatemala as I explained to this 22-year old new father that he had Type 1 diabetes.

T1D Advocate Justin Wright on Living Boldly

Justin Wright, aspiring model, advocate and winner of the Kansas City Dream Factory Award, talks about what T1D advocacy means to him and how he plans on making a difference.

10 Curious Facts About the Geography of Type 1 Diabetes

These statistics on the global incidence, clinical symptoms and treatment of Type 1 diabetes may surprise.

Michelle Berman Talks Life-saving DKA Campaign

When I first learned of children, teens and adults tragically losing their lives due to undiagnosed/missed diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, I was in disbelief. I was devastated to learn this was happening to many families, year after year.

Gut Health Possibly the Key to Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

Recently, a research team from the University of Queensland in Australia began a trial centered around the relationship between the changes in gut microbiota and Type 1 diabetes diagnoses, and whether these findings could help prevent Type 1 diabetes in the future.

The Intersection

When I flew down to Rowland, North Carolina, in May of 2017 to interview a family about how they lost their 16-month-old baby to Type 1 diabetes, I didn’t know what I would find.

Is folic acid a trigger for Type 1 diabetes?

The folate cycle is a cellular process that helps the body maintain a strong immune system. A recent study by two Diabetes Research Institute scientists explored an unexpected relationship between this micronutrient and autoimmune conditions — specifically, diabetes.

Professional Snowboarder Sean Busby Opens Up About Type 1 Diabetes and Lupus

1 in 4 people living with T1D will be diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, and 1 in 3 people living with Lupus will gain another. It’s like an awful version of hoarding that we wouldn’t recommend to anyone else!

A Mother’s Cautionary Tale

About two weeks before he died, I noticed a fruity odor on his breath when I was saying goodnight to him. I asked him if he had a juice box since he had just brushed his teeth and he said no. I didn’t think anything of it.

Facts about DKA: An Interview with Emergency Medicine Specialist

Leah specializes in emergency medicine at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. She describes her encounters with DKA and provides some myth-busting guidance on how all of us living with Type 1 can approach the condition.