My Inspirations to Stay at Home

I would love to throw caution to the wind and get outside right now - travel, see my friends, be anywhere but my house. But I am not going to. Here's why.

Silver Linings During COVID-19

Here's a rundown of positive things happening around the world that you might have missed because it's important to focus on the good news, too!

What We’ve Gotten Back: Lessons From COVID-19

Mila reflects on the ways COVID-19 has impacted her family and herself, and what she hopes to take from the situation when all is said and done.

Between Two Lines: Tackling Type 1 With Humor

Levi Davenport recently created a video series titled "If Blood Sugar Could Talk," in an attempt to personify pesky blood sugars. His Youtube channel "Between Two Lines" offers humor and support to those with T1D.

Feeling Helpless? Here’s What You Can Do

Feeling helpless in the midst of COVID-19? You’re not alone. Here is a list of specific actions you can take to have a real positive impact for yourself, your family, and your community. 

Sharing My Journey

Janae talks about her opening up about T1D for the first time online, and how she knew it was important to provide a perspective as a woman of color.

Gary Forbes: Besting Diabetes on the Basketball Court

Rob Howe interviewed Gary Forbes, a former NBA player with Type 1 diabetes, who still plays professionally overseas.

Diagnosis + Diabulimia: QiQi’s Journey

Eating disorders aren't discussed much in the diabetes world. Qiana shares her story about diabulimia to normalize the discussion about eating disorders.

How the Kindness of Strangers Saved One Boy’s Life

Gahan is eight years old and lives in a small village outside Bangladesh. Thanks to donations, Life for a Child is able to provide Gahan with what he needs.

Mommy Beeps: Parenting as a Type 1

Kim reflects on interactions with her sons and the difficulties of explaining chronic illness to young ones, which is what led to her writing the children's book, "Mommy Beeps."

Beyond Type 1’s 2019 Top Ten

What were your top ten moments of 2019? Here's our list. To 2020 and beyond!

On Falling in Love + Climbing Mountains with Diabetes

Siobhan reflects on how she decided to get back to nature and how against the odds, she found someone wonderful to share her travels with.

Life with T1D: A Gamer’s Take

DJ is a content creator living with Type 1 diabetes. In his spare time, he hosts video game streams and has connected with a number of other T1Ds as a result.

Making It Look Easy

Growing up, I didn’t understand my grandfather’s diabetes, but I knew it was as much a part of his life as his career in the law. It wasn’t until a decade after his passing, when I was serving as a Coast Guard officer in Puerto Rico, that I learned that we shared a different bond.

Marathon Running + T1D: A True Balancing Act

On the newest episode of Diabetes Connections, Stacey talks to Mike Greenberg, a member of the Beyond Type Run 2019 Marathon Team. Michael discusses completing his first marathon, his love of comic books and wrestling, and how his passions helped him tackle his diabetes diagnosis.