The Waiting Game

IVF is not a perfect science, so there's never any guarantee despite all of the money, time, science and expertise invested into the process. Knowing this doesn't change the fact that another negative pregnancy test is completely devastating.

First Cycle – What I Never Imagined about IVF Treatment

It turns out it’s harder to write about my experience with IVF when all your hopes and dreams are riding on this complicated and drawn out procedure, when you're faced with so much uncertainty. But, I promised to be honest and spare no detail, even when the details are hard to talk about.

Learning to Live with Fear, Type 1 & Fertility Treatments

And there's a chance that despite daily monitoring appointments and hormone injections that my IVF treatment won't work. I'm trying to use this fear to motivate myself, but sometimes it's plain paralyzing.

IVF and Type 1 – A New Journey Begins

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 in 2011, at the age of 25, the first question I had was, "But, can I still get pregnant?"