The Truth about Diabulimia

“It’s so important to show people that people can and do recover. With eating disorders there’s a lot of pessimism with recovery and especially in the type 1 world. I talk about the need for hope for hope that’s grounded in reality,” says Ann Goebel-Fabbri, PhD and licensed pychologist.

On T1D and Manhood

For the most part it seems like men with T1D try to “tough guy” their way through this disease. So here I am, extending an olive branch to all my Type-1 bros to say this: It doesn’t make you less of a man to be vulnerable about your diabetes. In fact, accepting yourself for who you are may be the manliest thing you can do.

Mason Wants Dessert — A Story in Pictures

We will spare you the stalling, little bits of tears and sister holding brother's hand. Pain is not something you get used to especially when you are a kid.

The Wind River Project Documentary

A short film, The Wind River Project, follows three climbers with Type 1 diabetes (Matt Spohn, Steve Richert and Blake McCord) as they ascend the remote Titcomb Basin in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

“And Me, Mommy?”

How do you let your children know that no matter how much time and attention you MUST devote to their sibling that they matter just as much? How do you relay this when your actions tell them something much different?

High Blood Sugars & DKA — Spells Danger

As I trudge through the valley known as T1D one thing has become alarmingly clear – DKA is very dangerous. A high blood sugar mixed with a high A1C and ketones and you have created a very dangerous scenario.

My First Year with T1D

The silver lining was my first A1C check. I went from an 11.7 on day of diagnosis to a 5.7. That day I remembering thinking that I was going to show Type 1 who was boss. How naïve I was.

Be Brave

I don’t know what to say to people when they ask, "How are you?" because they probably expect a one-word answer, not a monologue about medical technology, diabetes care and some serious sleep deprivation.

You Are What You Are

Making medical debris into art, turns hate into love; shots into feathers, needles into armor. Making art transforms my biggest challenge into something strong, and positive and life affirming.

The Million of Us

How did these practices of price gouging and profiting off of our daily struggle become principle in this country? How, in an age of such loud voices, did a population of over a million disenfranchised people become a boon to the billionaire Big Pharma executives without anyone really knowing about it?

This is What Type 1 Diabetes Looks Like

This is what Type 1 Diabetes looks like. Pretty normal, right? Well, what you can't see right now is someone recovering from a severe low blood sugar. The now dried sweat that, moments ago, drenched a shirt and made puddles on the floor.

Love, Yoga & Insulin

My diagnosis wasn’t the reason we divorced, but it certainly didn’t help. My husband and I lived harmoniously for well over 15 years. But then I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Kujaribu — “To Try”

I follow a number of inspiring organisations and individuals who constantly remind and prove to the world that we Type 1s are capable of living full and rich lives, but some days I need to take a step away from the positivity, and come to grips with my reality.

Needles and Other Ugly Truths about this Disease

This disease chases me wherever I run, it is there whenever I sleep, the reality of its dangers haunts me. It toys with my emotions as I worry one day my children may develop the disease. It threatens my parenting each time I need to be admitted to the hospital.

Diabetes and Discipline: My Daily Struggle

On this diabetes journey, I’ve set numerous health goals. I’ve identified my ideal A1C, and also set various weight and exercise targets. Still, there’s a visible difference between my current and desired diabetic self. When I reflect on what has stalled my health journey, I’ve realized that my lack of discipline has emerged as my biggest stumbling block. Here’s what I’ve learned.