The Invisible Family Member

How we wish that "divorce" was an option. How we wish that this "forced adoption" could be called off. Heck, how we wish we could sleep again for a change! But this 'family member’ is here to stay.

Coming Out Twice: Being a Gay Diabetic

As a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 16, this encounter was the first time my chronic illness impacted my sex life. My body went from attacking itself from the inside, to sabotaging my relationships as I was coming out.

Hosting a T1D Guest this Holiday?

No guest wants to be a stick-in-the-mud or hot-topic of conversation just because they have Type 1 diabetes. Here's how you can make them feel more at home!

I’m Not Slowing Down

The desire to make a difference came to me as soon as I was diagnosed. I promised myself that I would be stronger than diabetes. Running a half marathon has emerged as a personal challenge that would help me raise awareness and fight diabetes.

Why I’m Running

I am running the TCS New York City marathon because it’s time to educate. It’s time to spread awareness of not only what having T1D means, but also what it doesn’t mean.

Yoga for Diabetes

The word yoga means wholeness, completeness. Instead of seeing myself as incomplete, yoga has taught me that no matter what happens to my body, the one looking out through the eyes (the experiencer) can never be incomplete.

Wandering Alone

Reflecting on the power of taking on solo expeditions while managing Type 1 diabetes. Conquering fear is always the first step in going at it alone — for anybody, not just us insulin-dependents.

I Freaking LOVE My Diabetes!

Having Type 1 diabetes has forced me to find the silver linings, not only in the management of my disease, but across all aspects of my life.

Let’s Talk Diabetes: The Importance of Language

We created a language guide for those who mean well, who want to learn more about language surrounding diabetes, or those who want to use more empowering language when talking about themselves or others.

Type 1 Poetry: I Used To Sleep

Andrea Mourad creates original art and poetry that reflect the day-to-day demands of Type 1 diabetes.

The Winning Team: An Interview with Charlie Kimball

Charlie’s motivation to stay on top of his diabetes management comes from his love for racing. He knows how hard he works to stay competitive in his sport, even when it might not be apparent to interviewers or other athletes in racing.

Allow Life – Beyond the Diagnosis

I recall watching my daughter struggle for air in her half-conscious state. Her breathing was slow and hoarse, and she was no longer responding to outside stimulation.

Letters to Banting

These excerpts "Letterthought to Federick Banting" are from Rachel Morgan's debut poetry collection, Honey & Blood, Blood & Honey.

Ugandan T1D Warrior Turned Change-maker

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 19, I felt my life had hit a dead end and I would never amount to anything in life.

Former Miss Idaho Cycles Entire US

“I don't think young women have permission to love ourselves,” Sierra said during a recent conversation with Beyond Type 1. “And I think girls need a reminder that it's okay to be nice to yourself, and it's okay to love yourself.”