Type One Run — Couch to 5k


Editor’s Note: Join the team of T1D community members running the Abbott 5K Dash to the Finish Line in New York City on November 3! Part of Beyond Type Run Marathon weekend, but you do not need to have Type 1 to join!

Type One Run, a program of Beyond Type 1, has just launched the Couch to 5k training program. In just six weeks, you’ll be ready to run a 5k! Cliff Scherb from TriStar Athletes has designed the regimen to get you there and Beyond Type 1’s Global Ambassador, Lauren Bongiorno will be walking you through the workouts. More — it’s totally free.

Join the Facebook Group to join, train and follow along! Or follow the program on the Type One Run website.

Check out the 6-week plan and introductory videos from Cliff and Lauren below! Let’s do this.

Join the Facebook group!