Understanding Type 1 Diabetes Guides


Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes or looking to teach others about type 1 diabetes, here are Beyond Type 1’s ultimate guides to understanding this autoimmune disease. Type 1 diabetes can be complicated to manage and when you’re trying to explain it to someone else like a teacher, coach, or family member, these guides are the best place to start! Easy to understand and share, the Teaching Type 1 Diabetes to Others Guides, are the tools to better educate and empower others who are new to type 1 diabetes (T1D).


The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Guide to Caring for Someone with Type 1

Congratulations! You're dating someone amazing, funny, beautiful and strong, who also has type 1. Here are tips that can help.MORE

The Friends & Family Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Maybe it's the friend's child next door or a member in the family who has type 1 diabetes. Perhaps you'll be in charge of care at some point or are simply interested in learning more ab...MORE

A Coach’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

As a coach, you want to push each member of your team. Don’t see type 1 as a roadblock; see type 1 as a challenge that your athlete takes on everyday. Here is what you should know about type 1 diabe...MORE

The Grandparent’s Guide to T1D

The greatest gift that a grandparent can give to their type 1 grandchild is support. Support can come from a variety of ways. Of course, there is the medical terminology and making sure that you can h...MORE

The T1D Guide for Mental Health Care Providers

If you’re going to be caring for a person with type 1 diabetes with regard to their mental health, there are some important things to know about the various emotional impact of having T1D and the ma...MORE

A Teacher’s Guide to Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Being a teacher comes with the responsibility of taking care of 20-30 children on a daily basis. In your career, you may have a student with Type 1 diabetes in your class. Although you may feel overwh...MORE

Employer’s Guide to Type 1

Editor’s Note: This content is a part of Beyond Type 1’s guidebook, which includes guides for everyone who has a type 1 in their life. Check out the rest of our customized guides for the different...MORE

The Sibling Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

So what happens when a newly-diagnosed sibling of yours suddenly learns they have Type 1 Diabetes? How can you help? Whether you are a T1D or not, here are 5 simple ways you can help your recently-dia...MORE

The BFF Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

I can do anything other kids can do. I just have to check my blood and bolus (take insulin) if I’m eating. I can ride my bike, play baseball, run, and do all those types of fun activities. Just plea...MORE

The Co-Worker’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Perhaps you will work with someone who has type 1 diabetes, or you are simply interested in learning more. Consider this guide to help you learn the ins and outs of type 1 diabetes in the work force.MORE

The Professor’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike elementary and secondary schools, colleges have no responsibility to identify disabilities. Therefore, it is the student’s job to let his or her school know about a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis....MORE

The RA’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

As an RN, here is everything you need to know about your resident with type 1 diabetes and how you can be helpful to their success in college/university.MORE

The Babysitter’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

As a babysitter, you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. When you're babysitting a child with type 1 diabetes, there's an entire extra layer of preparation to consider.MORE

The Guys Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Let’s talk guy stuff ... and diabetes. This guide is aimed at any dude newly diagnosed with T1D, or any guy just needing to revisit the basics. MORE

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