UnitedHealthcare plan participants will have in-network coverage for Omnipod System starting April 1, 2018. Details below from the Insulet announcement highlight the relationship, program start dates and where to find additional information.

Insulet and UnitedHealthcare have established a new network relationship, giving individuals enrolled in UnitedHealthcare commercial and Medicaid* plans in-network coverage for the Omnipod® System. Through this new relationship, we are working together to help people access the insulin management technology they need to effectively manage their diabetes.

“Access to technology that best suits an individual’s needs is paramount for people living with diabetes and is a key priority for our organization. Our mission is to provide our customers simplicity, freedom and healthier lives through innovative technology. This agreement helps more people living with diabetes access the benefits of Omnipod’s quality of life and ease of use.” ~ Patrick Sullivan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

When does this agreement go into effect?

April 1, 2018.

What UnitedHealthcare plans does this apply to?

People enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s individual, employer-sponsored and Medicaid* plans have in-network coverage for the Omnipod® Insulin Management System.

What does this agreement mean for UnitedHealthcare members?

By establishing a direct contract with UnitedHealthcare as an in-network provider, this agreement increases access to the Omnipod® System for UnitedHealthcare members with diabetes.

Did UnitedHealthcare members not have access to the Omnipod® System prior to this agreement?

UnitedHealthcare members have had access to the Omnipod® System but it was through a third-party supplier. Insulet has worked directly with UnitedHealthcare to reach agreement on a competitive in-network agreement that will give more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Omnipod® System.

Who should members contact with additional questions?

Insulet Customer Care team is availavle to assist you with any questions. Please call us at 1 (800) 591-3455, Option 4.

* Medicaid coverage varies by each state’s coverage guidelines. Patients should refer to their benefits plan documents to confirm Medicaid coverage in their state.

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