Welcome to the Jungle — Iquitos, Peru


Editor’s Note: Neil is one of the Beyond Type 1 Captains for the Revlon Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge!

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Discover what it’s like to live with Type 1 diabetes in Peru as Neil Greathouse investigates communities throughout who lack the resources and technology that we have in other parts of the world. Without proper testing, many die or if they are by chance diagnosed, manage in extraordinary ways and by unthinkable means. This short documentary gives new perspective to the reality of Type 1 diabetes care in the globe and leaves lingering questions as to what it means to be human with this chronic illness.

“Our work in Iquitos was pretty simple. We took 26 guys from the US down to build a school and feed villages, pray with people, and help connect them with people who can give them long term care. This city and surrounding areas is the largest place in the world that’s not reachable by road — only boat or by air. So, we spent several days on the Amazon, by boat … taking supplies (rice, sugar, oil) and help to these remote villages. We also spent many days building a three-story school in the jungle where they’re teaching Spanish, leadership, Bible and more. Chiefs of villages send their sons to this school, sometimes 8+ days by boat, to spend three years here to get educated. Then, the son comes back to the village and brings everything he’s learned. It’s a great way of building in the Amazon, because if a boat full of gringos (like us) showed up out of nowhere — the villagers would scatter into the jungle forests and not come back out for weeks. They’ve never seen white people and they wouldn’t trust us. So, we did everything to work with local families like Pablo, Israel and Jennifer Arimborgo because they have relationships built over the last 30 years with these people. We want to send supplies, doctors and medical teams down to do checkups. It would be amazing to help check blood sugar of people who have symptoms and get them some answers!”

-Neil Greathouse