Beyond Type 1 x Diabetes NZ—The Kiwis are Taking Over!


The Kiwis are taking over! This week, Beyond Type 1 and Diabetes New Zealand are joining forces to present the second annual Kiwi Takeover of Beyond Type 1 social media. So if you’re seeing more New Zealanders on your newsfeed—that’s why!

New Zealand (NZ) is a small country thousands of miles from Beyond Type 1’s headquarters in California, USA, but the type 1 diabetes and Beyond Type 1 community down under is strong! According to Diabetes New Zealand, there are an estimated 26,000 people living with type 1 diabetes in the country.

Diabetes New Zealand is a charity that represents and supports New Zealanders living with diabetes. They’ve been providing support, information and resources for more than 50 years! Beyond Type 1 is a USA-based nonprofit with a global footprint. Did you know that over 40 percent of visitors to our website last month were from outside of the United States. 

Where Beyond Type 1 offers programs and digital community, Diabetes New Zealand is directly connected to New Zealand patients and communities. By joining forces, Beyond Type 1 + Diabetes NZ have been able to create exciting, collaborative and impactful projects in New Zealand and serve as a model for international collaboration in the type 1 diabetes world. 

How are we working together?

Jerry the Bear: Every child aged 4-10 years, living with type 1 diabetes in New Zealand is eligible for a free #1 pack from Diabetes NZ—which includes a Jerry the Bear!

DKA Campaign in New Zealand: Sharing the Warning Signs of type 1 diabetes the world over! In October 2017, in partnership with New Zealand Society for the Study for Diabetes and Diabetes New Zealand, over 1100 general practitioners received the print campaign and NZ Doctor magazine provided a campaign insert for their 2700 subscribers.

Type One Run: our network of grassroots running groups for people with type 1 diabetes includes three New Zealand Chapters! Wellington, Palmerston and Otago.

No matter where you are in the world, you are part of the global community of people impacted by type 1 diabetes. Like a not-so-secret society, we share a bond others simply cannot understand. Beyond Type 1 is proud to be uniting the global online community and partnering with local charities—like Diabetes New Zealand to bring our programs to life for people everywhere.

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