Beyond Type 1 in India


Beyond Type 1 is excited to be expanding our presence in India! We are going to be doing some fun events and meet-ups, and are setting up Type One Run groups throughout the country.

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Read some stories from people living with Type 1 Diabetes in India below



About Beyond Type 1

Founded in February 2015, Beyond Type 1 creates and funds a portfolio of programs, technologies and innovations that those living with type 1 diabetes need to manage, live and thrive.  Our goal is to highlight the brilliance of those fighting this disease every day while always working toward ensuring a cure is on its way.

By establishing a supportive community via powerful social media people are connected on a global scale in a new way. Our Instagram campaign “Living Beyond,” showcases the age, range and variance of those living their best life with type 1 diabetes (T1D), and our website and social media platforms provide education and support.

High profile collaborations and carefully curated special events will provide education and awareness, affording a greater capacity for strategic fundraising. Because our Founders + Founding Friends pay all operational and fundraising expenses, 100 percent of every dollar raised directly supports the most promising global efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure type 1 diabetes.

We aim to be provocative, inclusive and disruptive: putting a face on this disease, clearing up misunderstandings about who is affected by T1D and eradicating the stigma that comes from living with a chronic disease.  We recognize there is a different narrative to be told: that of a strong empowered community living a powerful life beyond the diagnosis. We also recognize a future free of T1D is possible and we are here to make certain that future materializes. We are here to disrupt diabetes.


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WRITTEN BY BT1 Editorial Team, POSTED 02/01/18, UPDATED 07/25/23

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Editorial Team.