Omnipod Closed Loop Technology to be Compatible with Both Abbott and Dexcom CGMs


On February 19, press releases from both Abbott and Dexcom announced formal partnerships with Insulet. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology developed by both companies will be compatible with the next-generation Omnipod Horizon Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) System, paving the way for consumer choice of CGM in interoperable systems.

Abbott announced that their “next generation FreeStyle Libre sensor” will work with the integrated system. Notably, Abbott has not yet received ‘integrated continuous glucose monitoring’ (iCGM) classification from the FDA on any currently approved system. This classification is necessary to serve as a component in an interoperable hybrid closed loop system, comprised of technology from different companies. The FreeStyle Libre 2—which was approved in Europe in 2018—is currently under review by the FDA for approval in the U.S as an iCGM.

“Abbott is focused on creating future-forward health technologies that simplify how people living with diabetes manage their condition so they can live their best lives,” said Jared Watkin, senior vice president, Diabetes Care, Abbott. “As diabetes care becomes more interoperable, we’re developing more connected approaches to improve care. Through this partnership, Abbott and Insulet will offer an integrated digital health platform that is simple and accurate and will provide a best-in-class user experience.”

By way of comparison, Dexcom G6 received iCGM classification from the FDA in March of 2018, and is already incorporated into the Tandem Control-IQ hybrid closed loop. Dexcom’s press release states that the Omnipod Horizon will integrate both the G6 and the next generation G7 into the hybrid closed loop.

“Everyone at Dexcom is excited to be in the final stages of integrating Dexcom CGM technology into the Omnipod Horizon System,” said Kevin Sayer, executive chairman, president and CEO of Dexcom. “This system will bring together the demonstrated accuracy of Dexcom CGM with Omnipod’s tubeless insulin delivery Pod which provides a simple user experience and freedom from injections and tubes. It will be a truly transformative, automated insulin delivery system giving more options to people with diabetes.”

In both announcements Shacey Petrovic, president and CEO of Insulet, stressed the importance of consumer choice, stating “As interoperability becomes increasingly important, our approach to automated insulin delivery will change the future of blood glucose management by offering consumers greater choice in algorithms, sensors and overall experience.”

Insulet’s hybrid closed loop system, Omnipod Horizon, began its pivotal trial in December, and the 240-person, three-month study’s expected completion date is May 2020. The pump is expected to debut in late 2020.

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WRITTEN BY Todd Boudreaux, POSTED 02/19/20, UPDATED 04/17/23

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