Jerry the Bear

Teddy bear comfort meets tech-world innovation. Built by Sproutel Toy Company, Jerry is a new-age teaching tool for children with Type 1 diabetes who simulates what it’s like to have the chronic illness. And he’s cute and cuddly!

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The story-driven Jerry, complete with 21 e-books include adventures with Jerry’s friends — glucose and insulin — encourages engagement between child and toy. Jerry comes with 8 injection sites and a free app which includes 21 interactive e-books and tools (pen/pump/glucometer). These stories correlate to learning a new diabetes lesson and are “unlocked” when a child successfully completes a management task.  

Jerry is not only a teaching tool for the child with Type 1 but also for the entire family and even extended community.

There are two purchasing options:

  • Order your very own Jerry the Bear ($55)
  • Buy a bear & give a bear! We’ll send you a Jerry, and then donate a bear through our Give-A-Bear Program to someone unable to afford one ($90)
  • Donate a bear through our Give-A-Bear Program ($40)

Jerry is 15″ tall | Jerry weighs 10oz | US shipping included | Ages 4 to 9+

All of Jerry’s tools are digital and can be found in the free app. 

We can ship to all countries with the exception of Canada. For Canadian residents, order Here. For all other international orders,  email us at