T1International at SNF Camp

SNF did a fantastic job with the camp and facilitated useful sessions. There were a variety of educational, motivational and recreational activities for the campers to participate in, including a special visit to a national park with sightings of countless giraffes, plus hippos and elephants in the wild!

T1D and Parental Guilt: A Parent’s Response

In a response to my daughter’s reflection on her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and parental guilt, I share a parent’s deepest motivation in helping their child: love.

Beyond Type 1 at Friends for Life

Orlando, FL - Beyond Type 1 attended Children with Diabetes' 18th annual Friends for Life Conference this past week. In the heart of Disney World, our team met hundreds of families affected by Type 1 diabetes, along with industry and healthcare professionals who are looking at how to improve the lives of those living with the chronic illness.

The AlaskaMan Extreme Triathlon

SEATTLE, Wash. — You know you’re in for an extreme event when one of the FAQ listings on the event website states, “Wildlife Safety Tips.”  That’s what Riding On Insulin’s own Scott Jozefowski read before signing up for the AlaskaMan Extreme Triathlon.

The Diabetes Supplies Thief

I never see the bastards coming. There are two—one driving the motorbike and the other sitting behind him. The second guy is the thief. The first is the getaway driver. Their target is a small pouch sticking about two inches out of my left cargo pocket.

Our Impossible Diagnosis

The doctors told us it would get easier, but after years of struggles and half a dozen hospital admissions, we had to start asking different questions. The answer was Brittle Diabetes.

Social Media Forces Insurance Company’s Hand

As a parent I am ready to wage war to protect my family. As a member of the T1D community I know that I won’t face the battle alone. Please use your contacts, advocacy groups and partners to help you find strength and solutions in your time of need.

Am I Alone?

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finding My Thumbs Up

Even worse is being hyper-or-hypoglycemic during physical activity lends a whole new meaning of fighting through adversity. What angered me the most, was diabetes would sometimes defeat me, where I would have to miss part of practice due to my glucose levels and not having control over my body.

Jungle Type 1 Diabetes — A Day in the Life

As the photographer for an off-the-grid sustainability institute in a Panamanian jungle, my life is not super easy to explain. Having Type 1 out here is just another interesting addition to the mix.

In Praise of The Panic Munchies

The Panic Munchies are a real thing. Ask any T1D, and you’ll hear stories about eating an entire bag of chocolate chips, drinking two liters of Sprite in one sitting, or demolishing half of a cheesecake. There does not, however, appear to be a good scientific term for this phenomenon.

T1D Management On The Go: OneTouch Reveal

Earlier this month, Johnson and Johnson released the latest version of their popular OneTouch Reveal mobile app. Here's what you need to know.

Be Diabetic Second

Live life First. Be Diabetic Second. And Stay Active. That's the advice of Dr. Sheri Colberg, author of the Diabetic Athlete's Handbook.

Returning To The Stage With T1D

After giving up her career in ballet due to a mysterious decline in health, Katelyn Prominski Baud got diagnosed with T1D and returned to the stage.

Letters to Banting

These excerpts "Letterthought to Federick Banting" are from Rachel Morgan's debut poetry collection, Honey & Blood, Blood & Honey.