What College Diabetes Week Means to Our Chapter Members, School and Community

Melissa reflects on College Diabetes Week, what it means to chapter members of CDN, how the community gets involved, and creative ways to engage others.

Alala Breakers Tee

Calling all cool girls! This line of comfortable and chic women’s wear took our team to the next level. Our runners received custom training kits from Alala that made tackling those miles a breeze. The super-soft breakers tee is one of our favorite race day garments this year. It's flowy, flattering, and perfect for hiding devices.

Withings Steel HR Sport Watch

Because who doesn’t want to be sporty and stylish? Runners relish the chance to train and tabulate relevant stats, which is something that was definitely taken into consideration when this watch was made. The Steel HR Sport features a heart rate monitor, GPS capabilities, and stays charged for a whopping 25 days.

MedAngel Thermometer

Keeping insulin at the right temperature is so important for those living with T1D! Unfortunately it's not always easy to tell what the temp is, especially when on the go. That’s what makes this little device so helpful and a diabetes kit staple. Our runners were constantly moving what with training and racing through the five boroughs of NYC, and felt more at ease being able to access real-time insulin temps on their phones via Bluetooth.

One Drop Chrome Starter Kit

Diabetes management made easier? Sign us up. One Drop offers an award-winning app, a test strip subscription service, personal coaching and more. Our runners received these kick-butt kits but One Drop also offers customizable plans that can be tailored to fit any needs. This kit comes with a Bluetooth glucose meter, lancing device, test strips, optional lancets, and a carry case.

Rhone Swift Shorts

Inspiration and innovation — a combination that can’t be messed with, especially when it comes to workout gear. Our runners felt fully equipped with their state of the art performance swift shorts that Rhone offers in various lengths according to personal preference.

This Year’s Gear

The 2019 Beyond Type Run team has support from some amazing brands this year. Check out what this T1D team is sporting to reach their full potential on the course.

Beyond Type 1 and One Drop Partner to Inspire and Empower People With Diabetes 

Beyond Type 1 and One Drop join forces to build and empower a worldwide community of people with diabetes through various support programs, platforms, and community efforts

Trading in Goggles for Running Shoes

Tanner is running the TCS New York City Marathon this year with Beyond Type Run. A competitive NCAA Division I swimmer, he's switching it up + this is why.

Treating T1D in Bangladesh: Dr. Kaufman + Life for a Child

Dr. Francine Kaufman spent time in Bangladesh with Life for a Child to learn about conditions in the country and help determine treatment options for a number of families affected by diabetes.

The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: A Book Review

Stacey Simms has recently added a new title to her repertoire: author. Stacey’s new book, "The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom," is available for pre-order now.

JDRF & Beyond Type 1 CEOs Discuss New Alliance

A few weeks after the announcement of the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance, JDRF CEO Aaron Kowalski, PhD and Beyond Type 1 CEO Thom Scher sat down with Stacey Simms to dig into how the alliance came about and how both organizations seek to further impact the diabetes community by coming together.

One on One with ADA CEO Tracey Brown

Tracey D. Brown is the CEO of the American Diabetes Association. BT1 had a candid conversation with Brown about community needs + what's ahead for the ADA.

#TheDropSpotted – Make an Invisible Disease Visible

Join the Beyond Type 1 community by participating in #TheDropSpotted - an easy way to use your voice to help make and invisible disease visible. Together we can create a world with less stigma, more education, more empathy, and more support for research on the path to a cure. There are a few ways to rock the drop: you can purchase the Drop Hat, add a filter to your profile photo on Facebook, use a sticker in an Instagram story, or download a transparent graphic to add to your photo yourself.

Tips for Managing T1D in the Workplace

Erika Szumel lends her five ways to help manage Type 1 in the workplace, and they might not be what you think.