ONE: The Ultimate Conference & Retreat for Adults with Type 1

When the initial idea for ONE was born, TCOYD wanted to motivate people in every possible way and bring together Type 1s from all over the world to connect, bond and learn from one another.

Help Us to Improve Diabetes Tools & Services!

DiabetesMine's 2017 Patient Voices Survey is open! It asks the community to rate the effectiveness and provide input on a variety of devices and services.

Celebrate Your Father with Bike Beyond

When I was diagnosed with T1D, my father was the first to join my diabetes management team (DMT). His positive and modeled approach was a game changer for me.

The International Diabetes Federation and Its Vision

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has one vision – to live in a world without diabetes.

Ugandan T1D Warrior Turned Change-maker

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 19, I felt my life had hit a dead end and I would never amount to anything in life.

Dexcom G5 Mobile Android App Gets FDA Approval

The United States Food and Drug Administration this week approved Dexcom’s G5 Mobile app for Android devices. With federal approval in hand, U.S. Android users with T1D will soon be able to join iOS users in monitoring their blood glucose levels in real time on their phones.

Havana Nights and CGMs

Leary of using a CGM system, Audrey Brown agreed to try the technology in order to travel to Cuba as part of a high school trip. The decision, she found, was the right one.

Bike Beyond Launches from NYC

The shoreline was dotted with yellow Bike Beyond t-shirts and bright riding outfits. Looking out over the East River and the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan, it was hard not to feel inspired by the community that came to show their support for Bike Beyond.

The Sibling

It is said that when a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it is like the whole family is "diagnosed" with T1D. How true that is. No one in our family of four has been shielded from the impact of this incurable, high maintenance, autoimmune disease.

Exclusive with Former NFL Player Brandon Green

“At the professional level, you could lose your job if you have to sit out,” Brandon said. “You have to operate like you don’t have it – people won’t feel sorry for you and you’ll have to compete like everyone else.”

9 Awkward Moments Only A T1D Gets

Having Type 1 can be a pain in the a** — it can also just be plain awkward. If you're a T1D, you know what we mean.

Former Miss Idaho Cycles Entire US

“I don't think young women have permission to love ourselves,” Sierra said during a recent conversation with Beyond Type 1. “And I think girls need a reminder that it's okay to be nice to yourself, and it's okay to love yourself.”

Proving a Type 1 Can Bike America

“Any chance I can get to just tell people, 'hey here’s this average guy who biked across America with Type 1,' and how I handled nutrition, and handled insulin and blood sugar levels. I think that is pretty inspiring,” he said.

Fighting Fires with Type 1

Andrew Thomas answers all of our "burning" questions about life as a firefighter with Type 1!