A T1D Thanksgiving Feast

For those of you that may find yourselves in the same boat of navigating a Thanksgiving meal with T1D, I wanted to share some recipes for a complete Thanksgiving meal. All are some healthier/lower carb alternative to many traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

5 Lessons from Running the 5 Boroughs with Beyond Type Run

I had the unbelievable opportunity to make my marathon debut at the largest marathon in the world, one of the six Marathon Majors, and I did it all while marking my 20th year living with Type 1 diabetes.

World Diabetes Day and How Beyond Type 1 Celebrated

Global non-profit Beyond Type 1 celebrated Sir Frederick Banting's 126th birthday with a digital birthday party and documentary screening in Los Angeles on World Diabetes Day, which was Tuesday, November 14.

This Is Type One

Gathered from Connected in Motion's Summer Slipstream 2017, these stories share both hope and the struggle of living with Type 1 diabetes.

Banting — The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Banting arrived at his eureka moment in 1922, when he injected dog insulin into a human patient. The procedure worked, and suddenly Type 1 diabetes was no longer a death sentence.

My Relationship to Food has Forever Changed

It seems like in an instant I went from a sugar-cereal-eating, corner-piece-of-the-cake-loving child to a cautious carb-counting 20-something machine.

Beyond Type Run Marathon Day

17 athletes with Type 1 diabetes battled the rain, the crowds, and their own sets of challenges to complete the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon!

Bad Diabetes Jokes Wall of Shame

Calling out bad diabetes jokes because we're just SO over hearing it.

Derek Theler: Diabetes Warrior

The Marvel’s New Warriors actor is the face of Dexcom’s Call of the Warrior campaign, launching this month. Derek spoke to Beyond Type 1 about what it means to be a superhero — both on set and while managing diabetes.

Actress Jennifer Stone Joins Beyond Type 1’s Global Ambassador Council

Actress Jennifer Stone (Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place) kicks off National Diabetes Awareness Month by joining the Global Ambassador Council of Beyond Type 1.

Journey to Marathon

Running is for you and you only. It is whatever you want to make it — whether you run to compete, push yourself, inspire others, deal with stress, be healthy, finish, or to prove something to yourself.

When I Stopped Testing My Blood Sugar

When I arrived I had bloods done – my blood sugar was reading at 67mmol/L (1207mg/dL), higher than anyone has ever been admitted whilst still conscious.

How I Learned to Love my Body

For the first time in my life, I was okay listening to my body. I listened to it when it was in pain, or when it told me it needed a day off.

What You Need to Know About ACA Open Enrollment 2017

Open enrollment for individual health insurance policies opens on November 1 and remains open through December 15, 2017 (6 weeks). It is important to be aware of significant changes this year to successfully keep your health insurance and/or enroll.

In Depth with Medtronic’s Chief Patient Officer

There’s so much innovative technology, new services, and better education and training. It’s all going to be integrated with your life, in the car, on your body, in the house, with your family, and even with your doctor.