Health Insurance – Pulling Back the Veil

One Small Voice can tell data-driven stories to employers, insurers and healthcare providers. I believe more transparent conversations associated with the requirements for the appeal processes and costs for prescriptions and medical devices will allow us to create change.

Help Get Answers for Jack!

8-year-old boy suffers a severe allergy to insulin, the life-saving medicine required for managing his Type 1 diabetes.

Insulin — At What Cost?

According to the Washington Post, small changes to existing formulas keep insulin prices high and generics out of reach — despite the fact that the original patent expired over 75 years ago. This has been an increasing financial burden to the many who are insulin-dependent and has recently caught the attention of US politicians.

US Diabetes Caucus Neglects Type 1s

Did you know that the United States has a congressional caucus that is solely devoted to issues that are important to Americans living with diabetes? On the face of it, this looks great.

Be Brave

I don’t know what to say to people when they ask, "How are you?" because they probably expect a one-word answer, not a monologue about medical technology, diabetes care and some serious sleep deprivation.

Test Strip Subscription Guide

We compiled a rundown of popular companies that offer test strip subscription services and researched each of them to give you some important info.

The “Good” in Good Glucos

Good Glucos, a Canadian glucometer company, is the only one of its kind with a giving model. That means the company gives back to consumers or people who need their product and can’t afford it. For every 12 test strip subscriptions they sell, they will give one, 12-month subscription to someone who qualifies.

You Are What You Are

Making medical debris into art, turns hate into love; shots into feathers, needles into armor. Making art transforms my biggest challenge into something strong, and positive and life affirming.

Type 1 Diabetes — The Best Gift In My Life

Type 1 diabetes was a blessing in my life, a gift that made me the man I am today. Type 1 diabetes? A blessing? A gift? You don’t hear that every day. You probably don’t ever hear that at all.

The Million of Us

How did these practices of price gouging and profiting off of our daily struggle become principle in this country? How, in an age of such loud voices, did a population of over a million disenfranchised people become a boon to the billionaire Big Pharma executives without anyone really knowing about it?

This is What Type 1 Diabetes Looks Like

This is what Type 1 Diabetes looks like. Pretty normal, right? Well, what you can't see right now is someone recovering from a severe low blood sugar. The now dried sweat that, moments ago, drenched a shirt and made puddles on the floor.

Type 2 Diabetes Medication Used for Type 1

Do people with Type 1 diabetes take medications for Type 2 diabetes?

Love, Yoga & Insulin

My diagnosis wasn’t the reason we divorced, but it certainly didn’t help. My husband and I lived harmoniously for well over 15 years. But then I was diagnosed with diabetes.

Clinical Trials and the Type 1 Diabetes Cure

I think the ultimate cure for T1D will be prevention. Why can’t we screen and predict who is at risk, and then prevent someone from getting Type 1 diabetes in the first place? How do clinical trials help?

Dating – When to Introduce Type 1 to the Relationship

Dating someone new is always stressful, and even more so when you have Type 1 diabetes. True of both T1Ds and non-T1Ds, how much information to reveal at what time in the relationship is a tricky balance — not unlike T1D management itself!