FDA Issues Class I Recall of Certain Medtronic Insulin Pumps

The FDA announced Wednesday that it has issued a Class 1 recall of Medtronic MiniMed 600 Series insulin pumps, after reports of 2,175 injuries and 1 death.

Beyond Type 1 Launches in Five New Languages to Better Serve the Global Diabetes Communityhttps://beyondtype1.org/bt1-launches-five-new-languages/

Beyond Type 1 announced today the launch of websites in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Swedish. The multi-language expansion is made possible with support from partners Dexcom and Insulet.

Non-Binary + T1D: The World of Cpunk

Sam reflects on finding the cpunk community and how open others were to embracing their diabetes and non-binary identity.

Not a Choice: Being Type 1 + Transgender

O.C. talks about the similarities of living with both Type 1 diabetes and being transgender, and the unexpected hope that lies in realizing those.

How to Choose an Endo

Choosing the right endocrinologist to fit your lifestyle is not always an easy task, but don't be afraid to look around and advocate for yourself.

How the Kindness of Strangers Saved One Boy’s Life

Gahan is eight years old and lives in a small village outside Bangladesh. Thanks to donations, Life for a Child is able to provide Gahan with what he needs.

Coronavirus and Type 1 Diabetes – What You Should Know

A helpful breakdown of what people with T1D should know about the Coronavirus that's been making headlines since first reports of it emerged in China earlier this year.

Mommy Beeps: Parenting as a Type 1

Kim reflects on interactions with her sons and the difficulties of explaining chronic illness to young ones, which is what led to her writing the children's book, "Mommy Beeps."

New Evidence Shows Vital Importance of Screening For T1D in Children

By screening for Type 1 diabetes in children, Bavaria was able to decrease rates of diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis.

Your Child Can Exercise Safely with T1D

Learn helpful guidelines for when to reduce your child's insulin intake, increase carbohydrate, and respond to various blood sugar levels.

Ramp Up Your Exercise Performance

If you’re looking to ramp up your athletic performance, either for a major event or just to meet a personal goal, here are some tips and tricks. 

Get Moving with T1D: Exercise Basics

Get moving with a healthy, blood sugar friendly exercise routine

Anticipate the Rise: How to Manage Exercise Induced Highs

Have you ever wondered why, with certain types of exercise, your blood sugar does not drop or even, in some cases, rises?

Don’t Crash: How to Manage Exercise Lows

Dive into the science behind the blood sugar drops during and after exercise so you can better understand and plan for them. 

JDRF CEO to Health Insurers: Cover New Technology

JDRF President & CEO Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D calls on insurers to cover FDA approved type 1 diabetes technology