Colton Needs Our Help

United Healthcare is denying a child with T1D + Autism the coverage that he needs.

Fighting T1D on the Steps of Capitol Hill

Every other year the American Diabetes Association calls on Congress to address the diabetes epidemic in America as diabetes advocates flock to Washington to be heard.

How One Endocrinologist Ended My Doctor Dread

Changing doctors can be a dreadful experience for a T1D patient, but finding the perfect endocrinologist is well worth the time and anxiety.

How to Engage Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: A New Study

Since 2014, the D1 now researchers have worked with Galway University Hospitals to examine how young adults interact with their diabetes teams and how consistently they attend appointments to figure out ways to improve the diabetes management and overall health of these patients.

Finding a Type 1 Community — Diabetes Camp in Uganda

Through Camp Tuyniza, Waromo and all future SNF camps, these young warriors find the strength to manage their condition while teaching others the T1D reality beyond the myths that surround the disease.

It Feels like Drowning — A Diagnosis Story

Breathing under water is impossible, but I feel like I have to try anyway. I am more than a diagnosis and a lousy pancreas. I have found strength I never knew existed. My feet can’t reach the bottom of the water, and my fingers won’t stretch far enough to emerge on top.

Diabetes Took Away My Childhood — A Teen’s Perspective

I don't hate diabetes for the finger pricks and injections; they aren't nice but they are bearable. I HATE diabetes for taking away my childhood.

One Voice To Best Serve Our Students

A year ago, our school district in Cypress, Texas, couldn’t tell us the number of T1D students enrolled. Now we know there are 530 students with Type 1 diabetes in our district, and those kids are recognized as being “insulin dependent” by school staff. That's what can happen when T1D families get organized and get unified.

You Earned Your Diabetes: Policies, Politicians and Ignorance

The U.S.'s budget director revealed the current administration's attitude toward healthcare coverage for those with diabetes, claiming the chronic illnesses (both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes) are "earned" by poor lifestyle choices, so therefore shouldn't be covered.

Knowledge is Power — T1D Parenting

Avery’s parents also believe in being upfront with their daughter about the risks that can come with having Type 1. They believe that knowledge is power.

My Mother Saved My Life

I often hear in the news stories about young people who passed away from how they describe it: “complications from diabetes.” It sends chills down my spine thinking, “that could have been me.” No matter how many gifts I give my mother, I will never be able to repay her for saving my life.

4 Reasons Why T1Ds Make the Best Friends

Whether you are our parent, sibling, friend or main squeeze, we know we can sometimes be … difficult. But honestly? We are the best kind of people to have in your life. Here are just a few reasons why your life is more awesome because of your T1D.

Graduating with Type 1 Diabetes

Senior (or 4th) year is ending and as you finish finals and perhaps consider college or employment, there's the graduation ceremony itself to also consider.

Type One Ragnar Relay Team

There were highs and there were lows, and there was laughter, sweat, and more laughter, but for me what made this shared accomplishment so special was our mutual understanding of the unending silent challenge which Type 1 diabetes poses to our minds and to our bodies every single minute of every day and night, without pause or escape.

We Stand With You – Our Statement and What You Can Do

Coverage matters. Access matters. People matter. If the US senate turns the AHCA into law, it could have severe consequences for people living with Type 1 diabetes.