No More Firsts

It turned out to be true, what everyone who had a reason to know kept telling me in those early fractured and terrifying days.

Are “bad diabetes days” affecting your relationships?

Not being open about our diabetes hurts our relationships with other people in that it opens the door for a lot of misunderstanding. Instead of hiding or neglecting our diabetes and its effects on our behavior, we should be open to talking about them.

The Wind River Project Documentary

A short film, The Wind River Project, follows three climbers with Type 1 diabetes (Matt Spohn, Steve Richert and Blake McCord) as they ascend the remote Titcomb Basin in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

When You Don’t Wanna Do It Anymore

It's not that you don't want to do life anymore, it's that you don't want to do life with diabetes anymore.

Up All Night

It's fair to say that my wife and I go up and down those stairs at least once a night, sometimes more. He's young and growing, so his numbers are erratic.

Are we still talking about this?

Are we still talking about this? I thought it had already been decided that America is a nation of equal opportunity, a federation united for the common good, and a republic for and by the people. Did I miss something?

“And Me, Mommy?”

How do you let your children know that no matter how much time and attention you MUST devote to their sibling that they matter just as much? How do you relay this when your actions tell them something much different?

High Blood Sugars & DKA – Spells Danger

As I trudge through the valley known as T1D one thing has become alarmingly clear – DKA is very dangerous. A high blood sugar mixed with a high A1C and ketones and you have created a very dangerous scenario.

Diabetics After the Apocalypse

People are fascinated by their own destruction, and diabetics are no exception.

Insurance Company Conduct Negatively Impacts T1D Patient

Beyond being distressed by UHC’s policy and the efforts it took to find it, denying a replacement of an out-of-warranty pump is detrimental to Jessica’s healthcare and wellbeing. As a company, losing documents, delivering documents late, misfiling documents, mislabeling and crafting policies with misleading language, then making those policies difficult to find, is not only irresponsible, it’s unethical.

An Update on Insulin for Syrians

If you made a donation, know that you have put life-saving insulin in the hands of someone who really needed it. Together we helped more than 2,000 Syrians receive a vial of life-saving insulin.

The Driving Diabetic

Driving is a great opportunity and makes planning a lot easier, but as teenagers with Type 1, we have to be extraordinarily careful. When I first started to drive and talk to other people about their habits with driving and Type 1, it seemed tedious and nearly impossible, but I am here to assure you that that is not the case.

Kendall Simmons and His T1D Diagnosis in the NFL

There were some in the industry that said he was a “wasted first-round pick” after the diagnosis, but this only motivated him more. He talks about the difficulty of that year, learning how to manage it and getting his strength back.

Can Pets Help in T1D Management?

To say that the stress and anxieties that come with having Type 1 diabetes can get daunting would be an understatement. But have you ever considered that the simple act of playing with a cute animal could serve as an actual T1D lifesaver?

A T1D Love Story

I’ll never forget the moment Ryan tested my blood sugar for the first time. It was early in our relationship; early enough that my stomach still did backflips whenever he called or texted; so early that I still checked my teeth for food any time he left the room. In fact, our relationship was new enough that — had he been anyone else — I would not have yet shared the news that I have Type 1 diabetes.