Long-term Access for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Awareness is only the first step. To help turn the awareness into advocacy action, T1International – thanks to funds from Beyond Type 1 – created a resource for people around the world who want to advocate for better access to insulin, diabetes supplies, care or education.

From Despair

For the first time, someone helped me understand the goals I could attain, not the ones I would miss because of diabetes. It took one person to change my outlook on my entire life.

Honey & Sophia

Honig Vineyard and Winery, in Rutherford, CA has hired a new four-legged employee: A yellow lab named Honey, who will fill two very important jobs.

Wind River Project Documentary Grant

Beyond Type 1 issues grant for The Wind River Project Documentary

Rock Type 1 — Empowering T1D Kids to Climb

It was both challenging and emboldening. Over time, we came to view climbing as a vehicle to empower others with T1d to come together and embrace adventure.

On T1D and Manhood

For the most part it seems like men with T1D try to “tough guy” their way through this disease. So here I am, extending an olive branch to all my Type-1 bros to say this: It doesn’t make you less of a man to be vulnerable about your diabetes. In fact, accepting yourself for who you are may be the manliest thing you can do.

Introduce Type 1 to Your Baby

Building your relationship with Type 1 during your pregnancy will go a long way in surviving the ups and downs of motherhood. Pregnancy and becoming a mom has been the most magnificent journey I have ever experienced in my life.

WWII Hero Saves T1D Lives with Home-brew Insulin

Without access to dogs, calves or cows, Eva knit stockings and sold them to purchase water buffalo pancreata. Then, in a small basement laboratory in a Chinese municipal building, the couple got to work.

How I Overcame Bullying

When I was getting bullied I felt very empty and alone, like I was in a world full of normal people but I was the odd one out. Nobody understood what it was like and although I know they tried their best – sometimes I felt my parents didn't understand either.

Smoothing the Way for Diabetes-friendly Travel

Traveling with diabetes does add an extra layer of logistics to our day and it’s not always funny. But we are working hard to smooth the road for others and we feel stronger with this purpose behind our travels.

Snowed in with the Type 1 Community

The storm that hit overnight was of epic proportions. In just 12 hours, our car was entirely covered, our road snowed in, and the glass door of our second story living room showed snow packed nearly to the top.

From Table to Chair

Remember this: a chronic illness is a family affair. Do not be selfish enough to think that your chronic illness is only affecting you, as I did this for years.

No Shame, No Blame, T1D Diagnosis Game

You know the rest. Thousands of needles. Grief. Fear. Chasing balance. Hypervigilance. Exhaustion. Losing. Winning. Resilience. Adaptation. But the absence of shame and blame.

The Anni(dia)versary

I have absolutely no idea who invented the twisted idea of a diaversary. (If someone can shed some light on the history, please go ahead).

Losing Will Hauver

His very good A1Cs, his maturity and independence with diabetes management, his success in college, all of this lulled us into complacency. Hindsight while grieving is a painful and horrible exercise.