JDRF CEO to Health Insurers: Cover New Technology

JDRF President & CEO Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D calls on insurers to cover FDA approved type 1 diabetes technology

Beyond Type 2 Celebrates First Year, Adds New Partner

Beyond Type 1 celebrates the one year anniversary of the launch of Beyond Type 2 - a platform and community serving those impacted by Type 2 diabetes.

My Dos and Don’ts for People Without Diabetes

Erika Szumel gives us her essentials dos and don'ts guide for those living without diabetes, so that they might better understand what's appropriate.

Is Sharing Diabetes Numbers Online Harmful?

In the newest episode of Diabetes Connections, Stacey takes time to personally reflect on our society's need to share everything – and why this might be detrimental when it comes to diabetes numbers.

JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance

Find more information about our partners at JDRF here. Brought to you by the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance

My Father’s Disease

Sam talks about his father's life with diabetes and how his eventual diagnosis brought the two closer together than ever before.

Actress Elizabeth Perkins on Her Type 1 Journey

It wasn’t until the emergence of strong T1D communities that Elizabeth Perkins was finally comfortable being loud about her experience living with diabetes.

Addressing the Emotional Side of Diabetes with Dr. Bill Polonksy

"So I started walking around the waiting room and introducing myself to people, saying, 'Hey, could you tell me what's living with diabetes like for you?' And the most remarkable thing happened — The very first person I asked this looked at me and said, 'Thank you — no one's ever asked me that question before.'"

Invincible: The T1D App for Teaching Caregivers

Bob Weishar, founder of Invincible, saw the need to teach non-healthcare personnel at schools all about T1D and how to best support their students.

Beyond Type 1’s 2019 Top Ten

What were your top ten moments of 2019? Here's our list. To 2020 and beyond!

Omnipod Dash System Launches in First European Countries

On December 18, Insulet announced that the Omnipod DASH™ Insulin Management System is now officially available in the UK and the Netherlands. 

Letting Go of the Way Things Were

Bonnie shares an excerpt from the book she is writing for parents of a child with chronic illness. Through narrative and reflection, the book weaves a story of hope amidst the challenges of raising a child with T1D.

On Falling in Love + Climbing Mountains with Diabetes

Siobhan reflects on how she decided to get back to nature and how against the odds, she found someone wonderful to share her travels with.

Everyone with Diabetes Should Have Access to CGM: Dr. Aaron Neinstein’s Take

Dr. Neinstein was one of four featured experts during Beyond Type 1’s #KnowledgeDrop Series, discussing the future of diabetes care, focusing specifically on technology, data, and emerging therapies.

DKA On The Rise: Dr. Satish Garg Explains Why

"15-20% of Type 2 diabetes cases are misdiagnosed. These patients have antibody positive Type 1 diabetes. So clearly their Type 1 diabetes was totally mistreated and misdiagnosed. That's why the actual number of people who are living worldwide who are insulin requiring is more like 150 to 200 million people, out of which probably closer to 70-80 million people actually have classical Type 1 diabetes, if you define by antibody positive."