The Co-Worker’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

Perhaps you will work with someone who has Type 1 diabetes, or you are simply interested in learning more. Consider this guide to help you learn the ins and outs of Type 1 diabetes in the work force.

Beyond Type 1: Focus on Access

Millions around the world with Type 1 struggle with issues of access, whether that be for economic, geographic or political reasons. Beyond Type 1 is committed to providing direct efforts and support for partners focused on issues of access, including access to basic supplies and life-saving medication, technology, devices and healthcare to optimize health, personal accounts and breaking news on global access issues and a wide variety of resources.

Life as a Refugee with Type 1 Diabetes

Life with Type 1 is full of ups and downs – and the stress of everyday life can test our ability to manage this chronic illness. Now imagine managing the disease in a war-torn country, or fleeing a conflict and facing new kinds of persecution as you seek refuge.

Disaster Preparedness Survey for People with Diabetes

Help us better understand the needs of patients and caregivers for disaster preparedness and relief

The Insulin-pricing Machine

We’re doing our best to untangle the complicated web that dictates insulin pricing in hopes of getting to the bottom of why this relatively simple and essential medicine for managing Type 1 diabetes and sometimes Type 2 diabetes costs as much as it does.

Guatemala Disaster Relief

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala began its eruptive phase. Located approximately 50 kilometers from the Guatemalan capital, the volcano has affected primarily Sacatepéquez, Escuintla and Chimaltenango.

Inside the Lilly Diabetes Blogger Summit

This month, a special team within Lilly Diabetes hosted a small group of diabetes bloggers from around the country to participate in a 2-day summit at their new innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Isolated Caregiver — A Mom’s Story

While I rationally understand that there are millions of people living with Type 1 diabetes, which means millions of parents caring for T1D children, most days I still feel like I’m all alone on this island. Mostly, I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling isolated the way I have become.

Michelle Berman Talks Life-saving DKA Campaign

When I first learned of children, teens and adults tragically losing their lives due to undiagnosed/missed diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, I was in disbelief. I was devastated to learn this was happening to many families, year after year.

The Patient’s Bottom Line: Human Insulin is Not the Answer

The Insulin Access Affordability Working Group convened by the American Diabetes Association published its Conclusions and Recommendations this month. While it is critical that there be peer-reviewed literature on the insulin access crisis we’re facing in the United States, I was shocked to find passages suggesting that human insulins like R and NPH might be part of a solution.

The Intersection

When I flew down to Rowland, North Carolina, in May of 2017 to interview a family about how they lost their 16-month-old baby to Type 1 diabetes, I didn’t know what I would find.

If You’re Going to Offend Me, At Least Make Me Laugh

If you ask me, though, the real disgrace is not just one jackass making light of an already stigmatizing condition. It’s that anyone would do it while trying to pass off a stale joke as some kind of achievement.

A Mother’s Cautionary Tale

About two weeks before he died, I noticed a fruity odor on his breath when I was saying goodnight to him. I asked him if he had a juice box since he had just brushed his teeth and he said no. I didn’t think anything of it.

CDC Reports Rise in DKA Hospitalizations in the United States – What’s behind this change?

You don’t have to be a statistics wizard to see the correlation between the cost of insulin, healthcare coverage, and DKA hospitalizations. Reversing the recent rise reported by the CDC means tackling not just awareness, but access as well.