The BFF Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

I can do anything other kids can do. I just have to check my blood and bolus (take insulin) if I’m eating. I can ride my bike, play baseball, run, and do all those types of fun activities. Just please be patient with me if I need to take a break and check my blood sugar or have a snack.

How Paige Powered Up

Off the little Seattle island of San Juan, big things are happening in philanthropy — we're seeing an entire community contribute their resources and talents to help raise awareness and funds for Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that currently has no cure.

School with Type 1: The Parent + Teacher Journey

Right before Mason turned 4 years old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. So, when kindergarten rolled around, there were a million different scenarios to anticipate and prepare for months prior to the first day of school. Scary thoughts flooded my mind ...

BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs Help Fund Type 1 Diabetes Cure

At just 10 years old Hannah is proving that she can do all that she sets her mind to do, and nothing, not even T1D, can stop her.

Going the Distance to Raise Awareness

No man is an island, especially when Type 1 diabetes is involved. We made history in our region with our team and we showed the world that you can’t break our spirit!

Emily + Jerry the Bear Take New Zealand

Jerry is a great companion for Type 1 kids and an excellent educational tool. This is about empowering kids and sending the message that there's nothing that diabetes is going to stop kids from doing. The whole idea is to let them get out there, let them be active, because they can!

Beyond Type 1 at Friends for Life

Orlando, FL - Beyond Type 1 attended Children with Diabetes' 18th annual Friends for Life Conference this past week. In the heart of Disney World, our team met hundreds of families affected by Type 1 diabetes, along with industry and healthcare professionals who are looking at how to improve the lives of those living with the chronic illness.

How I Overcame Bullying

When I was getting bullied I felt very empty and alone, like I was in a world full of normal people but I was the odd one out. Nobody understood what it was like and although I know they tried their best – sometimes I felt my parents didn't understand either.

My Hero, My Mom

When most people think of a hero, they think of people like firefighters, police officers, celebrities, professional athletes, veterans, and people currently in the military. And, yes, they are all great people doing great things, but what about the quiet heroes, those that normally go unnoticed by people?

I Love Riding on Insulin Camps

I love my Riding on Insulin coaches. They taught me how to live beyond Type 1. I can't wait for camp this year! I even went to the mountain bike camp during the summer.

Baseball, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Insulin Shots

After I got out of the hospital I wanted to return to baseball camp the next week. I think I have gotten pretty good at managing my diabetes. Most days I'm very busy in the summer.

“Living Beyond” Goes To Camp

Summer Camp sessions — inspired by Dillon Reinhart designed by Beyond Type 1 — kicked off this week.

Ava August — A Pop Star in the Making

I wrote and recorded my first original song that is now on itunes called "You Let Me Fly." The song is dedicated to all of the people living with Type 1 diabetes. It is about a girl that lets her imagination "fly" her into her dream world for a day without T1D.

Children’s Advocacy and the Power of Spare Change

In November 2015, Henry and Rose Jensen, (both 8 years old), wanted to help raise money for Beyond Type 1 in its Million Dollar Campaign for Type 1 diabetes. They each brought a mason jar to their classrooms in order to collect spare change, and the class with the most change earned a pizza party.

Find Your Community

Every individual touched by diabetes goes on their own journey, learning about their identity and how diabetes fits in, and it is important at this time to learn your own coping mechanisms in order to facilitate better physical and mental health.