Girl Talk with the GAC Ladies

The Girls of GAC talk body image and the role T1D plays.

My Dos and Don’ts for People Without Diabetes

Erika Szumel gives us her essentials dos and don'ts guide for those living without diabetes, so that they might better understand what's appropriate.

My Father’s Disease

Sam talks about his father's life with diabetes and how his eventual diagnosis brought the two closer together than ever before.

Letting Go of the Way Things Were

Bonnie shares an excerpt from the book she is writing for parents of a child with chronic illness. Through narrative and reflection, the book weaves a story of hope amidst the challenges of raising a child with T1D.

Making It Look Easy

Growing up, I didn’t understand my grandfather’s diabetes, but I knew it was as much a part of his life as his career in the law. It wasn’t until a decade after his passing, when I was serving as a Coast Guard officer in Puerto Rico, that I learned that we shared a different bond.

What College Diabetes Week Means to Our Chapter Members, School and Community

Melissa reflects on College Diabetes Week, what it means to chapter members of CDN, how the community gets involved, and creative ways to engage others.

This Year’s Gear

The 2019 Beyond Type Run team has support from some amazing brands this year. Check out what this T1D team is sporting to reach their full potential on the course.

Becoming Whole Again: Type 1, Technology + Resilience

Guneet Kaur created a multimedia zine (pronounced "zeen") to tell the story of her life with diabetes and celiac, and the impact her culture and community has had.

The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: A Book Review

Stacey Simms has recently added a new title to her repertoire: author. Stacey’s new book, "The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom," is available for pre-order now.

One on One with ADA CEO Tracey Brown

Tracey D. Brown is the CEO of the American Diabetes Association. BT1 had a candid conversation with Brown about community needs + what's ahead for the ADA.

Tips for Managing T1D in the Workplace

Erika Szumel lends her five ways to help manage Type 1 in the workplace, and they might not be what you think.

Periods and Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Dr. Apoorva Gomber, MBBS, MD discusses how menstrual cycles affect those living with diabetes.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Music, Marathons + T1D

2019 Beyond Type Run team member Emma Plehal talks about practice as it pertains to music, running, and T1D - and the common threads that all three share.

T1D Greatest Hits Playlist

The playlist is here. Get your groove on and have fun with these Type 1 tunes.

Movies That Make Us Think All The T1D Thoughts

Everyone loves movies. But some films conjure hilarious and/or downright frightening scenarios for those dealing day in and day out with Type 1.