Sharing My Journey

Janae talks about her opening up about T1D for the first time online, and how she knew it was important to provide a perspective as a woman of color.

Love + Lost Sleep

Lisa talks about what it means to love someone with Type 1 diabetes and the ways her sleep in particular has at times been impacted by anxiety about her husband Matt's condition.

On Falling in Love + Climbing Mountains with Diabetes

Siobhan reflects on how she decided to get back to nature and how against the odds, she found someone wonderful to share her travels with.

Samantha & Ryan Talk Getting Married with T1D

Weddings are already incredibly stressful, and getting married when not one but both people involved have Type 1 diabetes can make things that much more difficult, but also that much more rewarding.

Caring for the Carers

We need to make sure our diabetes support crew don’t burn out too, suggests Ruby McGill, Diabetes NZ Director of Youth.

A Pancreas for My Wife

I must say that I have spent countless nights (to date) implementing OpenAPS. Through updates, adjustments, battles, I've had the desire to throw the Intel Edison into the trash. But every time, I return and continue making this work, so at some point, it will be a true artificial pancreas.

To Love, Honor and Cherish

Our promise to “love, honor, and cherish” was tested just two months after we officially started our lives together. Diabetes hits the person and everyone they love. Some relationships deal with it from day one. Others, like my spouse and I, are ambushed midstream.

How to Be a Supportive Partner: Advice from a Type 1’s Wife

A Type 1 Wife shares her journey toward supporting her partner in the best way possible.

The Sibling

It is said that when a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it is like the whole family is "diagnosed" with T1D. How true that is. No one in our family of four has been shielded from the impact of this incurable, high maintenance, autoimmune disease.

Traveling with My T1D Girlfriend

Unable to find a go-to web site or travel blog for specific guidance when travelling with T1D or with a T1D friend, Bradley Williams and his partner, Cazzy, decided the start their own.

T1D and Parental Guilt: A Child’s Reflection

I’m here to explore parental guilt from my shoes: the child for whom the parents felt guilt. One emergency room visit and many doctors’ appointments later and my parent’s seemingly “happy and healthy” 17-year-old was diagnosed with T1D and Celiac Disease.

4 Reasons Why T1Ds Make the Best Friends

Whether you are our parent, sibling, friend or main squeeze, we know we can sometimes be … difficult. But honestly? We are the best kind of people to have in your life. Here are just a few reasons why your life is more awesome because of your T1D.

A T1D Love Story

I’ll never forget the moment Ryan tested my blood sugar for the first time. It was early in our relationship; early enough that my stomach still did backflips whenever he called or texted; so early that I still checked my teeth for food any time he left the room. In fact, our relationship was new enough that — had he been anyone else — I would not have yet shared the news that I have Type 1 diabetes.

First Dates

“Do you have Type 1?” he asks. “Is that a pump?” I light up inside. How does he know to even ask it that way? Most people just say, “Do you have diabetes or something?”