Beyond Type 1: Focus on Access

Access to medical care and life-saving diabetes supplies is critical for those living with Type 1 diabetes. It can make the difference between life and death. Millions around the world with Type 1 struggle with access, whether that be for economic, geographic or political reasons. Beyond Type 1 is committed to changing that by providing resources, personal accounts and breaking news on global access issues. Below we share practical information for navigating challenging situations, real life stories from around the world highlighting issues of access and opportunities for you to join us in changing the landscape.

What will the Access Fund be used for?

  • PR efforts tied to grassroots campaigns
  • Support for organizations providing supplies to those with limited access due to geographic or economic concerns
  • Support for organizations focused on insurance denials/appeals
  • Buildout of content navigating coverage
  • Partnering with device companies to create resources for users when denials occur
  • Lobbying for reform in coverage at a regional or national level


If you’d like to help, donate today to Beyond Type 1’s Access Fund. 100% of donations made to this fund will be used to aggressively address issues of access that people living with Type 1 are faced with daily.

Share your story

E-mail – send us your stories about navigating insurance denials and the lengths that we go to in order to receive the devices prescribed by doctors.


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