Celebrate Your Father with Bike Beyond


When I was diagnosed with T1D, my father was the first to join my diabetes management team (DMT). His positive and modeled approach was a game changer for me. He didn’t know much about the condition but thanks to his influence, the entire household had a healthier food stock.  He also encouraged me to exercise before/after every meal so I would have an easier time keeping my blood sugar in check.

He helped by being a positive role model and committed to cycling to keep his health in good shape and to lead by example. I followed suit and have been biking to work in the rain, sleet or shine every day (well most days) since I was diagnosed 12 years ago.  

That’s why this Father’s Day, in honor of my father, I am joining the Bike Beyond team and raising funds to support them in their epic journey to show that anything is possible with diabetes with a good team around you. It seems fitting as my father went beyond for me.

My team is growing, too, as my two kiddos decided to join my team to honor me! My son was excited to share his plans:

  • They joined the team (with the help of their mom) and donated $50 to the team (a penny plus some for every mile the Bike Beyond Team is riding this Summer).
  • They’re taking me to Marin Country on Father’s Day for our first 12 mile bike ride together as part of our virtual activity!

If your father goes beyond his scope of duties for T1D or otherwise, I encourage you to Join the Team to honor your father as well!

As a bonus present to your Father, the first people to start a team and donate $25 will receive a one-year free membership to Thrive Market (a $60 value)! A sentimental present plus healthy groceries delivered to your father’s door. A win, win!


Learn more about Bike Beyond.

WRITTEN BY Alan Kissick, POSTED 06/14/17, UPDATED 09/05/19

Alan joins Beyond Type 1 as the Director of Business Development and has worked in a similar capacity for numerous diabetes and global health organizations such as American Diabetes Association (ADA), International Diabetes Federation, and the United Nations Foundation. He's a proud volunteer for the ADA, JDRF, and for Life for a Child USA. He has two wonderful children, Anais and Aidan, and a beautiful wife named Dominique. When Alan is not working, he is either probably either playing monster with his children, making music in his lab, or spending his time outside cycling or hiking.