Diabetes Scholars Awards Over 50 Scholarships for Students Living with Type 1 Diabetes


Diabetes Scholars will award 56 scholarships for students living with type 1 diabetes this year—a record number for the program. Over $140,000 in combined scholarships will be awarded to 56 students making up the Diabetes Scholars Class of 2019. The scholarships are made possible by individual donors and partner organizations committed to supporting new college students living with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Scholars, a program of Beyond Type 1, is aimed at empowering success through education for people living with type 1 diabetes, offering scholarships for students with type 1 diabetes entering college. Originally founded as the Diabetes Scholars Foundation in 2008, the goal was to create one small way to make diabetes an asset rather than a challenge. Since 2008, Diabetes Scholars has awarded over $1.6 million in college scholarships to students with type 1, through scholarships of up to $5,000 each. In 2018, Diabetes Scholars became a program of Beyond Type 1.

The Diabetes Scholars Class of 2019 is made up of 56 star students representing 28 states and Puerto Rico. The recipients were selected by the Diabetes Scholars team from over 3,100 submitted applications. The Class of 2019 includes school and community leaders, musicians, scientists, student athletes, founders of non-profits and advocates.

“Every year, we receive thousands of outstanding applications for Diabetes Scholars scholarships. Selecting recipients is no easy task, and this year’s group is exceptional. They are the future of the diabetes community and the future of our country,” said Mary Podjasek, one of the original co-founders of the Diabetes Scholars Foundation and current program manager. “We can’t wait to see what these outstanding students do in the future.”

The 2019 scholarships were made possible by Dexcom, Medtronic Diabetes, Insulet and JDRF, as well as 17 scholarships provided by individual or family donors. Sponsors of the Diabetes Scholars scholarships have made a direct impact on the future of students living with type 1 diabetes; it is with their generous support that Diabetes Scholars is able to provide scholarships year after year. Beyond Type 1 is also proud to provide 10 individual scholarships as part of the program.

Scholarships through Diabetes Scholars are available to graduating seniors entering their first year of college or university in the United States. All recipients live with type 1 diabetes. Scholarship applications open in January and are awarded by June 1 annually.

Explore the Diabetes Scholars Class of 2019, and learn more about the Diabetes Scholars program.