Education Presentations

Do you wish people in your school knew more about Type 1 diabetes? Do you wish your classmates understood that you didn’t get T1D from eating too much sugar, or that they can’t catch it from you? Are you sick of people looking at you weirdly and not understanding why you have to prick your finger, why you have a machine attached to you or a service dog you bring around? Then you need to do a Beyond Type 1 School Presentation!

We have everything you need to give a great presentation and educate your school about Type 1 diabetes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your school and get permission to give a presentation. Come up with a time and date that works. We recommend trying to do a presentation in November, since it is National Diabetes Awareness Month, however, you can do one at any time of the year!
  2. Fill out all the necessary information on the form below.
  3. We will be in touch shortly to discuss further details and address any questions you might have.
  4. We will send you all your materials!

Beyond Type 1 will provide you with a fun and engaging PPT presentation to show, complete with notes so you know what to say, as well as “Warning Signs of Type 1 Diabetes” and “What is Type 1 Diabetes” posters and flyers for your school. If your school will not allow flyers, we can send you a digital version to email. *Please allow several weeks for us to send you physical materials.*

We will email you the presentation and notes, but you can also download the PPT here and the notes in PDF form here.