Freestyle Libre 3 Now Available in Pharmacies Across the U.S.


On Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, Abbott—makers of the Freestyle Libre 3—announced that the product is now available in pharmacies nationwide. The diabetes community has eagerly awaited its availability since it received FDA clearance in May 2022.

If you are eager to upgrade your system or become a first-time Freestyle Libre user, this is the perfect time to use any remaining FSA or HSA dollars

Here’s what you need to know about the FSL3 and how to get a free trial sensor through the MyFreestyle Program.

Benefits of Freestyle Libre 3

The Freestyle Libre 3 has many of the same features and functionality as its predecessor, the Freestyle Libre 2, with some notable improvements! Some of those features include:

  • Low cost: If you are a FSL2 user, you can expect the FSL3 to have a similar price at the pharmacy counter. In the recent past, FSL2 has been listed at 70 percent below the list price of other CGM systems. With commercial insurance through your employer, it will likely cost somewhere between $0 to $75 per month.
  • Smaller sensor model: The Freestyle Libre 3 is the size of two stacked pennies! If you like discrete technology—this is the thinnest, smallest sensor on the market today.
  • Continuous glucose readings: Say goodbye to scanning! FSL3 provides real-time blood sugar levels continuously through the FSL3 app on your phone.
  • No more receiver: To use the FSL3, you must download the app on your smartphone—compatible with iOS and Android devices. Receiver days are over!
  • Consistent diabetes data management: Like the FSL2, the FSL3 is compatible with Libre LinkUp and LibreView.
  • Reduced environmental impact: There is a 41 percent reduction in plastic use to create the FSL3 and a 43 percent decrease in carton paper.

Learn more about the benefits, features and app and device compatibility.

4 Steps You Should Take to Get the Freestyle Libre 3

Here are the steps you should take to get your hands on the Freestyle Libre 3.

  1. Call your pharmacy to find out whether they have the FSL3 in stock. It should be there, as noted above, but participating pharmacies are always subject to change!
  2. If you have never used Freestyle Libre products, call your doctor to ask them to send a new prescription to your pharmacy. If you have used Freestyle Libre before, you may not need a new prescription and be automatically upgraded. But don’t assume—to be sure, ask your pharmacist what they need to fill a FSL3 prescription for you!
  3. Despite the Freestyle Libre 3 being available at retail pharmacies nationwide, it may take longer to gain insurance coverage. Still, some Freestyle users have found the product to be the same price without running insurance. If your insurance doesn’t cover it, ask your pharmacist how much it will cost you out-of-pocket before you rule it out. 
  4. Once you determine coverage, you will know what your options are. You may find that you can pick up the device at the pharmacy right away, have to wait for insurance approval, or enroll in the MyFreestyle Program. If insurance is a problem, learn more about navigating appeals, denials and prior authorizations here.

With every new product in medical technology, it can take a moment or two for health insurance providers to start covering it. Be persistent!

MyFreestyle Program

The Freestyle Libre 3 is also now a part of Abbott’s MyFreestyle Program, which is a program that allows you to try the product at no cost to you. To apply for the MyFreestyle Program, follow three easy steps:

  1. Fill out this online form to receive your voucher via email.
  2. Ask your doctor to send your preferred pharmacy a prescription for the Freestyle Libre 3.
  3. Bring the voucher (either on your phone or printed) to your pharmacy when you pick up your Libre prescription.

That’s it! Then follow the directions that come with your sensor to get started—including downloading the LibreLink or Libre 3 app

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WRITTEN BY Julia Flaherty, POSTED 10/06/22, UPDATED 10/06/22

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