Movies That Make Us Think All The T1D Thoughts


Ahh, the movies! Who doesn’t love a good visit to the cinema or a night hanging at home with Netflix? While the general aim of onscreen entertainment is to relax, have some fun and clear your head of daily life obligations, sometimes people with type 1 diabetes (T1Ds) still have a hard time turning off their “T1D brains.”

Here are a few examples of things that might run through a T1D’s head while watching a movie.

Mary Poppins

A whole spoonful, huh? Fine if we’re treating a low, but otherwise Mary Poppins would be the actual worst T1D nanny ever…

Cast Away

Unless I could figure out a way to manufacture insulin… I. Would. Be. So. Screwed.

Back to the Future

How fun would it be to freak out the people of the 1950s with my bionic parts?

Panic Room

How in the hell did Kristen Stewart already have such a sophisticated continuous glucose monitor (CGM) watch… in 2002?

Beauty and the Beast

The T1D version of Belle would have legit run OUT of insulin after the “grey stuff.”

Steel Magnolias

Julia Roberts’ low blood sugar episode would have been a lot easier if she had discovered fruit snacks or glucose gel to bring to the hair salon.

Weird Science

Can they design me the perfect pancreas while they’re at it?

Phone Booth

This would be the day that I forget to bring extra snacks. I wonder if the killer would let me out for a sec. To get more snacks.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

If I won a golden ticket, I would walk out of there with a lifetime supply of low snacks.


That pack seems like a good size…. for just my T1D supplies.

World War Z

Do zombies have pancreases?

James and the Giant Peach


WRITTEN BY Alexi Melvin, POSTED 09/24/19, UPDATED 07/25/23

Alexi Melvin is a writer, artist and actress in the Bay Area. She studied at the New School University in Manhattan as well as the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. She has written for multiple publications and websites such as the San Francisco Chronicle and has been a regular contributor for Beyond Type 1 for many years. You can also hear her voice in two Star Wars films. She has been a loyal advocate for type 1 diabetes awareness, education and fundraising since she was diagnosed in 2003. She hopes to continue to empower and be a voice for those who choose to embrace type 1 diabetes as a part of their lives, but at the same time, do not allow it to define them.