The Medical ID Guide

If the situation ever arises, wearing a medical ID can make sure that you receive the attention and care you need in the event of an emergency. Consider these medical ID options!

Reviews of Jerry the Bear

Find out what other children with Type 1 and their family members are saying about Jerry the Bear.

DANA: The New Resource for Diabetes Educators

AADE recently announced the launch of DANA, its newest resource for AADE members. DANA (Diabetes Advanced Network Access) keeps a host of information about the latest diabetes-related technology up-to-date and available, allowing healthcare providers to absorb and relay tips for the which apps to download and news about newly-released devices.

2018 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K

Join Type One Run for the 2018 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5k in New York City on November 3, 2018! At the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K, you’ll be a part of the world-famous TCS New York City Marathon.

6 Must-knows for the College Sick Day with T1D

The day you send your T1D kiddo to college is a stressful one. Here is my advice on the 6 must-knows for your T1D college sick day.

What are SGLT-1 and SLGT-2 Inhibitors for Type 1 Diabetes?

The study conclusions found that Lexicon combined with optimized insulin therapy was associated with sustained A1C reduction, weight loss, lowered insulin doses, fewer episodes of severe hypoglycemia and improved patient-reported outcomes.

Ring Around the Courtroom: The Wait for U.S. Biosimilar Insulins

In general, biosimilar medicines are priced lower than the original product from which they are based. Drug price history suggests that at least two generics are needed on the market to lower costs in a meaningful way. If we look at biosimilar insulins, there does appear to be hope for decreased prices, but not as much as some may believe.

Next Stop Cure? A Quick History of Diabetes Research

From an insulin pump that's the size of a backpack to stem cells hitching rides on what's the size of a bandaid, diabetes research has come a long way. It is not without tireless efforts from the scientific community, keen investors, visionaries and donors, alike, who have moved the needle.

Ready-To-Use Glucagon Rescue Pen

Xeris Pharmaceuticals announced this week that the company has filed an NDA (new drug application) to the FDA for its Glucagon Rescue Pen.

The Future of OpenAPS with Dana Lewis

Beyond Type 1 recently sat down with Dana Lewis, who shared with us how the OpenAPS system has changed her life. Her diabetes journey is fascinating, and Dana gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that can seem almost too good to be true.

Research for Better Management + Cure of Type 1 diabetes

Research to cure and treat Type 1 mostly fits into five areas: 1) beta cell health and regeneration, 2) immunotherapy, 3) replacement beta cells, 4) device/technology innovation and 5) medications for glucose management.

The Insulin Patch and Who Will Bring it to Market

CeQur, a company that develops and sells simple insulin delivery devices primarily for those with Type 2, has recently bought the Calibra insulin delivery patch from Johnson & Johnson.

Tortoise vs the Hare – Islet Transplantation vs Technology

The race to find a more effective and non-evasive, injection-free therapy for patients with Type 1 diabetes involves many players. The remaining question is not when, but who is going to win: the tortoise or the hare?

The Night My Son Nearly Died for a Sprite

I told him that giving himself insulin would make him go “low.” He wanted to go low now, of course, in order to attain that precious Sprite that sat in the fridge awaiting him. I didn’t ever tell him that insulin was as dangerous as it is life saving. I never thought I had to.

Acceptance Through Art

It is all too easy to be consumed by anger — and my final project showed me that even though I wasn’t able to find that “beauty,” that Whatever-It-Was-I-Thought-I-Needed-To-Make-Art wasn’t necessary.